What Are You Reading On?

This Thursday morning finds me sitting here, waiting for my Kindle to install the latest firmware update. I’m looking forward to the new options for sizes and boldness, but while I am waiting I thought it would be fun to discuss what we are all reading on.

This is a question I like to ask every once in  while, and it is always fun to read the answers.

Here’s mine.

In October 2017, I find myself reading almost as much on paper this year as before. I’m not buying very many paper books, but thanks to agency pricing I am checking a lot of paper books out of the library.

When it comes to digital reading, I am reading more on my smartphone than before. I spend more time out and about now, so whenever I am stuck in line somewhere I pull out my smartphone and read either articles I have queued up in Instapaper or whichever book is open in my Kindle app.

When I am at home, my current favorite reading device is the Onyx Boox Max Carta. When I first put my hands on on of Onyx’s 13.3″ devices a couple years ago, I thought they were simply too large to use as a traditional ereader. Now that I have had one for  couple months I don’t think it is good for much else.

This 13.3″ ereader is unfortunately crippled by its single-core CPU and lack of a touchscreen (it has a stylus, instead). This severely limits what you can do with it, but it does make for an acceptable (but very expensive) no-frills ereader.

It’s especially nice to read in bed; the screen is huge and the device is so light that it is easy to hold with one hand.


So that’s what I am reading on; how about you?

Are you reading on a tablet, smartphone, or ereader? The comments are open.



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  1. Becki12 October, 2017

    I tend to read more on my smart phone now, as it is always with me (at the car repair shop, doctor’s office, lunch at work, etc.). My library just started offering ebooks through Axis360 so I use that app, plus Kindle for ebooks I buy or find for free. At home I use both my phone and my new Kindle Fire 8, using the latter more when my eyes are tired (usually at the end of the day).

    1. Becki12 October, 2017

      Oops, forgot to add that I still read paper materials, too. But because I tend to be busy with other stuff at home, I find that I’m more likely to read when I’m away from home (and hence away from the printed books). I cannot read from a gadget just before I go to sleep, so that is the only time I only read paper books.

  2. Robert N12 October, 2017

    I read exclusively on my Kobo Aura One. I haven’t read a print book in over two years, since I bought my Kindle Voyage and then the Kobo.

    I really don’t like reading anything of significant length on my phone or tablet(s). The screens are too bright, too reflective. I use my phone and iPad too much all day long anyway. My eReader is my anti-gadget gadget.

  3. Bill Peschel12 October, 2017

    Kindle Touch, which I bought new and see no reason to replace, even if I have to sideload everything.

  4. Ed Bear12 October, 2017

    My phone is loaded with Marvin 3, Marvin, Hyphen, Kindle for iOS.
    “Date Night on Union Station”: Marvin 3
    “Delucca’s Marriage Contract”: Marvin
    “To-Do List Formula”: Hyphen
    “The Shipshape Miracle and Other Stories”: Kindle

    There’s no rule that says you can’t have more than one book “live” at the same time. 🙂

  5. Randy Lea12 October, 2017

    I’m using an older tablet, my fairly new Amazon Fire 8 tablet just died.

  6. Beverly Klotzkin12 October, 2017

    I normally read on my Kindle, but since I traded mine in yesterday to get money for the new Oasis…

    I’m reading a physical book.

  7. DaveMich12 October, 2017

    Usually: Kindle Voyage, especially when outside.
    Sometimes: Kindle 7 (2012)
    When I’m on the go: Android phone
    When I’m stuck at work: Kindle Cloud reader
    When I’m encouraging son to read: His Kindle 6

    The voyage has an origami case, and I like that.

    EPUBs go into the Kindle 7 to be read on Aldiko. This device represents well even though it is 5 years old.

    The Kindle 6 is a great form factor – a 7 inch tablet needs to be cradled in the crook of your hand, but the 6 allows you to grasp the edges with your fingers. It is currently available on woot for a bargain price.

    I don’t use my phone much, so I have a very tiny one – a Zinger ZTE that I picked up for $35. This phone is 1/2 the size of a Kindle ereader and can easily be cradled entirely within your palm. The android version of the Kindle software runs fine on it, and by repurposing the volume control you can use the large volume control buttons it has to page forward and back. Effectively this means I can page through a book just by gently squeezing the phone in my hand, and paging is so easy that the small screen size really isn’t a problem.

  8. Carmen Webster Buxton12 October, 2017

    I read novels every night on my Kindle Voyage; right now I’m reading Terry Pratchett’s THE THIEF OF TIME. The only print reading I have done in the last few years have been illustrated books, usually kids’ books.

    I read my own manuscripts on my PC, of course, but I don’t generally like to read longer works on it, even though I have both the Kindle and the Nook apps. If I get a non-Amazon ebook, I convert it to mobi and send it to my Voyage.

  9. MrsMac12 October, 2017

    My Kindle Voyage is what I use to read. When I bought my new purse, I made sure it had space for my Kindle; and when I leave the house, I tuck my Kindle in to that space and off I go. I will read on my iPhone when I get caught somewhere unexpectedly, but I really don’t like the bright screen of phones and tablets for reading. Print wise, I do read a few books: my Bible, my old and precious copy of “Mrs. Mike”, and cookbooks and gardening books.

  10. Julie12 October, 2017

    A Kindle Voyage, but TTS fan I am, I’ll also use my phone with another app that will allow me to use TTS. I’d love it if the Android Kindle app added TTS!

  11. James12 October, 2017

    I read exclusively on e-ink. Currently it’s an original 6″ Kobo Aura, a replacement for my Nook STwG.

    Since I bought that Nook, I haven’t read a paper book.

  12. Frank12 October, 2017

    Usually: Kindle Paperwhite 3
    When I’m on the go: Android Kindle app

  13. Michael Anderson12 October, 2017

    I mostly use my Kindle Paperwhite (2nd gen), and absolutely love it. But I don’t read nearly enough … I also read some magazines using my iPad Pro and all sorts of random stuff on my iPhone 7Plus. Need to do more basic reading …

  14. Robin Brooker12 October, 2017

    For ‘text-only’ books I use my Paperwhite. For highly illustrated books I buy the print versions.

  15. Steve H.12 October, 2017

    I have an Oasis and a Voyage…and have ordered the new Oasis with 32 gigs. I doubt I will upgrade again until they bring out a color Kindle. To me they seem to have listened to feedback and knocked it out of the park.
    I went with 32 gigs for the recent mega file size home improvement, reference books with graphics and a few cookbooks that don’t all fit on one device currently-not for audible…my phone works for that.
    I don’t find that Kindles slow down when they are maxed out on storage…contrary to all rumors.

  16. Steve H.12 October, 2017

    I now prefer Kindle over printed books to read on…the main thing lacking was a larger screen.

  17. Cynthia12 October, 2017

    I read primarily on my Kobo Aura One. It goes everywhere with me. Almost never read paper books anymore, my eyes don’t do smaller print well.

    I keep a Kindle Vogage around for proofreading, being able to back up correction notes is good. But other than that, I don’t use it much because the screen size is so small. Perhaps when there’s a decent refurb deal at some future point, I’ll consider upgrading that device to an Oasis 2. Meanwhile, I am looking forward to seeing more font size options, though I don’t care about bold options.

    But the screen size on the Kobo is just right. And I love the Comfort Pro lighting.

  18. Tony12 October, 2017

    Kobo H2o (first Gen) 80% and print novels that I cant get on Eink. All mostly NYRB publishing!

  19. Scott12 October, 2017

    Currently I read on my Kindle Voyage. But I’ve ordered one of the new Oasis models.

  20. Mackay Bell12 October, 2017

    I never really thought I would do much reading on a smart phone, but the bigger screen on my iPhone 7 plus generally wins out, particularly since I do most of my reading when I’m in line or waiting for something. On planes I use a Kindle Paperwhite (mostly to save my iPhone battery).

  21. Liza12 October, 2017

    I go back and forth between my Kindle Paperwhite and my Samsung Nook S2. Sometimes I will read ebooks on my iPad but not often. I generally read magazines on my iPad.

  22. Greg Weeks12 October, 2017

    Most of my reading is still on a monitor connected to a desktop. Technical literature though, not for fun. My fun reading is mostly with a Kindle Paperwhite 3 with most of the rest on my phone. The kindle mostly stays at home unless I’m expecting to read for more than just a little bit where ever I’m going.

  23. Suz12 October, 2017

    Even though I have the Kobo Aura One I still find myself doing the majority of my reading on the IPad Mini 4. The anti-glare coating and the night shift makes long reading sessions very comfortable for my old eyes. I use my phone if I am running errands and use an older Kindle or Kobo Aura if I am at doctor appointments.

  24. Feda12 October, 2017

    Onyx Boox i86

  25. Steve12 October, 2017

    I do most of my actual reading on a Kobo Aura One – the screen size just seems to present the right amount of text at one time. If I didn’t have that, I would probably jump at the new larger-screen Kindle.

    Whatever ever book I’m reading, I keep the same one on my phone and have gotten into the habit, at the end of each reading session, of scanning for an odd word or phrase that I can search for on the other device to pick up from where I left off.

    I don’t actually read on my phone much (only when I’m stuck standing in line somewhere), but when I’m driving to/from work, Moon+ Reader and Ivona’s Amy TTS are reading to me from my phone. Much more interesting than listening to the news on radio.

  26. Marky12 October, 2017

    Used to be Moonreader on my Galaxy Tab S2 for as long as I can remember but now reading more books on my Kobo Aura One and magazines on the S2. Best thing I have bought in a while.

  27. Juli Monroe12 October, 2017

    Kobo Aura One. I thought that tablet screens didn’t bother my eyes, but when I went back to eInk, turned out I was wrong. I can read news and blogs on my iPad, but for books it’s the Kobo. I also have a Paperwhite as a backup when the Aura is charging.

  28. Basem12 October, 2017

    I read on the Kobo Aura One and the basic Kindle. I prefer Kindle’s software to Nickel and primarily use the Aura One for its size. I might replace my basic Kindle with the Oasis when it is released.

  29. Peter Winkler12 October, 2017

    Apple 12″ MacBook running OS X El Capitan and Amazon’s Kindle reading app.

  30. Chris12 October, 2017

    Almost all my reading is done on my Kindle Oasis. I only have one or two series that I still buy the print books for, and that’s mostly because I started them before owning my Kindle.

    The only exceptions to this are comics/manga, which I read either on my computer (if fan translated), or from ComiXology on my iPad (if a professionally published work).

    Already preordered the new Oasis as well, and hoping for a nice upgrade over the current model, which I love.

  31. A researcher12 October, 2017

    Nonfiction books and articles, for work: paper
    Fiction books, for pleasure: Paperwhite
    Blogs and news, for pleasure: Moto X Pure (5.5″ screen)

  32. Void12 October, 2017

    I;m still on my PRS-350 because I have yet to find another that handles syncing from Calibre so well.

  33. Vikarti Anatra13 October, 2017

    Software: Bookari for Android (iOS version is not very good working for me, they don’t have Mac/Web version), all alternative (like Kindle) either doesn’t handle sync (like non-working collections/Personal Documents on Kindle for Mac) and notes very good or very limited.
    I take notes a lot and use hierarchial collections a lot in Bookari.

    – Nexus 10 when I at my table (it just sitting on it’s table) with BT keyboard attached.
    – Nexus 9 when I am on going somewhere on bus,etc or just lie in bed.
    – Galaxy Tab Active when I have reasonable suspection that Nexus 9 will be broken very due to env. conditions (rain or just in bathroom).
    – Galaxy A3 2017 when I don’t have anything other with me

    I do have e-Ink Kindle but I use it very sparingly.
    I sometimes listen to english-language audiobooks, I use Audible or Kindle.app-in-immersive-reading-mode for this (I considered using separate player and inAudible but it’s just easier to use Audible).

  34. Tim C. Taylor13 October, 2017

    Kindle 3 (2010). I read from an iPad for about a year, but having gone back to the Kindle while I was on a camping holiday this summer, I’ve stayed there because the screen is so restful to read. I rarely read paper formats unless it’s a contributor copy of a anthology I’m in (and that’s just showing off to myself) or occasionally a borrow from the library.

  35. walfischbucht13 October, 2017

    For leisure: Pocketbook 360+, paper
    For work: TFT LCD-monitor, paper

    Was considering a Onyx Boox Max or Sony DTP (but neither the reviews about the Max models nor the ones about DTP S1 or DTP RP1 did convince me).

  36. aus13 October, 2017

    Energy Sistem eReader Pro from a few years ago. Easily the best eInk reader I have owned as it’s Android so I can easily customise it (including rooting).

    I was using my Paperwhite for a while (bought lots of stuff from Amazon) but went back to the eReader Pro after I properly set up the Kindle Windows reader and Calibre on my Ubuntu laptop. I store my Calibre library in Dropbox and use Calibe Companion to access it.

  37. tired13 October, 2017

    I trade off between Kobo Aura One, Kobo Aura, Kindle 8th gen and latest Kindle PW. Now that the PW finally looks better than the Basic, I might ditch the Basic.

    I recently picked up a Kindle Fire 8 inch since I had alot of store credit. I haven’t owned a Fire since the original. With autobrightness and an IPS screen and vast improvements in UI, I have to say it’s much better and significantly cheaper than most of the eink Kindles.

    I’m so impressed with what the Fire can do at it’s price point that I’m seriously on the fence about the new Kindle. I mean the official cover costs just $5 less than the Kindle Fire 7 inch. It just seems too much when you compare the two.

    I had eye strain on the original Fire, but I have no eye strain on the new one. And the low pixel density is not an issue either.

  38. Ana13 October, 2017

    Work reading: Laptop (lots of technical forums, documentation, blogs and mail)
    Fiction Books: Aura HD (bed or around the house) or Aura Edition 1 on the go (it lives in my bag)
    Blogs, web articles, mail, etc: Android Tablet
    Paper books: I keep buying pretty editions of books I know I’m going to like which don’t have electronic versions, but I tend to continue reading on my e-reader, so the ones I have begun are around the house waiting to be finished, while the others waiting to be read are piled in one shelf. Lately I only manage to finish comic books that I can read in one stand.
    I have an Android phone and I do casual/less than five minutes reading there. Both the tablet and the phone have my books, I use Calibre Companion in combination with Bookari, the Kindle app, Comixology… But I don’t read much Fiction Books or comics there, I have only used the Kindle App once or twice for a much expected book I’ve just bought that I didn’t want to wait to process to have it on the eInk readers.
    So, being an OCD person, I go to the bother of passing my books to four devices, although the Android devices aren’t as frecuently updated as the e-ink devices.

  39. Anne13 October, 2017

    99% of my fiction on a Voyage. I do keep 2-3 collections of short stories on my android phone for when I’m in the mood for them or when I don’t want to carry the Voyage.

    I find it hard to believe that I haven’t read fiction on paper in more than eight years but it’s true.

    I don’t read much non-fiction for fun but I’m finding that I’m reading in more and more on the Voyage rather than on paper. Images and footnotes are still a pain but I manage.

  40. tubemonkey13 October, 2017

    I read books on a 7th gen Kindle and strictly at home. If I’m out and about, I’ll listen to music or an audiobook.

    My book consumption is about 80% audiobooks and 20% ebooks.

  41. Mary13 October, 2017

    Almost exclusively on an Oasis. Sometimes on a Voyage when I’m charging the Oasis. I do read Scribd books on an iPad because I have no choice, but Scribd has a great reading app. The only time I read actual print books is from the library if a book is really expensive in Kindle format and I cannot get it from Overdrive or Scribd. If they were priced more reasonably, I would buy more of them. I will be getting the new Oasis.

  42. Judith B. Glad13 October, 2017

    Most of my reading is on my 7″ Galaxy Tab, using Moonreader (love its scroll feature!), but I also use my phone (Moonreader again). Recently I’ve been getting more ebooks from the library via Overdrive, which is still clunky but getting better. Perhaps once a month I read something in paper because it’s not available as an ebook or because someone lends it to me.

  43. BDR13 October, 2017

    Kobo Aura One, obviously. I say obviously because anyone who has one will of course be using it since it is far better than any other e-reader. If you don’t think so, you haven’t tried it. As for the O2, I have one ordered — mainly for the page buttons and the 32GB of storage — but I’m expecting that the A1 will stil be my preferred device.

    As far as paper goes, I think I last read a physical book in about 2012.

  44. Diane13 October, 2017

    I never thought I would abandon my Kindle, but now I read on an iPad mini at home and my iPhone when I’m away from home. I like the sharper print and that print size is more adjustable on the iPad. I also like the bigger page size. I also like the way page flip works on the iPad. It’s easy to search and skim through pages.

  45. John Wilker15 October, 2017

    Almost exclusively eInk. Kindle Paperwhite. I read som stuff that I store in Pocket on my iPad or laptop as time warrants, but for any sit down series reading, all ereader.

  46. Sharon Reamer16 October, 2017

    Kindle Paperwhite (2nd gen)- about 3 books a week or so, at all hours, day or night. DH is a sleep diva, so the Paperwhite is a lifesaver for when I can’t sleep so I don’t have to leave my comfy bed to read.

    I check a lot of ebooks out of the library (in Germany via Florida, isn’t the world great?) and I buy quite a few as well.

    Paperbacks – mostly research books and many of those in hardback (currently reading The Templars by Dan Jones). Sometimes I have a pb in addition to the hardback so I can mark it up (e.g. The Creatures of Celtic Myth, that I bought used in pb and a pristine hardback version that I want to keep that way).

    I could read on my Nexus but why would I when I have a Paperwhite?

  47. dodod16 October, 2017

    8″ european einker as main device.
    4th gen Kindle as backup or out of house device.
    Desktop with SumatraPDF and MS Edge as third option. Can’t stand Edge as browser, but it’s surprisingly good for epubs.

  48. Linguist17 October, 2017

    Kobo h2o

  49. RL17 October, 2017

    I use a Nook ST, (rooted)Old Nook 7 inch tablet, and Nook HD+ (Different OS) with the Nook App. For some reason, I tend to go back to the Nook 7 Inch tablet. I did get around to finally getting a Kobo Aura HD, because the price was right.

    If I had my way, the Nook ST software would be on the Kobo Aura HD.

  50. Kate18 October, 2017

    Original Kobo H2O, still going strong after 3 years (at which point my much-beloved Sony T1 was acting kinda squirrelly).

    I really want an eink tablet no larger than 7″ with Android 4.4 or higher so I can use Hoopla to check out books from my public library, but no such animal exists yet. Soon, I hope.


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