Barnes & Noble Now Redistributing Unused Credits From the eBook Antitrust Settlement

Amazon isn’t the only ebook retailer sending out credits for the ebook antitrust settlement this week; Barnes & Noble has also announced that it is disbursing additional credits starting today, and this time we actually know why.

The retailer has updated the settlement FAQ on its site with the new details about the credits that are about to be awarded to ebook buyers. To put it simply, anyone who spent the settlement credit when it was first distributed in June 2017 is now going to get a share of the settlement money that was distributed but not spent.

The court approved a re-distribution of remaining funds from the Apple Settlement on September 7, 2017 to customers that used their credit or cashed their check from the first Apple distribution that concluded in June of 2017. Credits to customers that were eligible for a re-distribution were emailed on October 18, 2017. Postcard checks were mailed to eligible customers on October 18, 2017.

Per the court approved order, checks for an amount less than or equal to $3.00 have not been and will not be issued. If you did not use your credit or cash your check from the first distribution that concluded in June 2017, you were not eligible to receive a credit or check from the most recent re-distribution.

Within three days, you will receive another email confirming that your credit is in your account. That notice will also include a printable certificate that you can use at any Barnes & Noble store.

Barnes & Noble will be sending emails to customers who have credits due.

I checked my inbox, and I don’t think I got a credit from Barnes & Noble before, so i wouldn’t expect to get one this weekend.

Did you get a credit?


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  1. Michael Anderson19 October, 2017

    I got the email, but am not clear yet on the actual reward … I had a couple of residual gift cards in my account already, so am not sure if they added a new one, or I will find some new credit or … ? Who knows. Leave it to BN to be simultaneously more and less communicative …

  2. Angela Korra'ti19 October, 2017

    I got an email from B&N saying I had a credit on the way, yeah. I also have one from Apple. I don’t expect either to be huge, but we’ll see!

  3. tired20 October, 2017

    I received a credit. Around $4 same as Amazon. Just like last time I will use it in store since I haven’t bought their ebooks in years.

  4. Kate20 October, 2017

    I got a credit from Kobo.

  5. Mosby21 October, 2017

    I have a $6.24 unused credit from B&N

  6. […] have heard from a few readers, and now Dear Author has confirmed, that Kobo has joined Amazon and Barnes & Noble in redistributing unused credits from the ebook antitrust […]


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