Morning Coffee 31 October 2017

Morning Coffee 31 October 2017 Morning Coffee

Here are a few stories to read this morning

  1. Create an Ebook Cover with Spark and Canva: Which is Better? (PublishDrive)
  2. THE WEB BEGAN DYING IN 2014, HERE'S HOW (Andre Staltz)
  3. Turning the page on ereader pagination (go to hellman)
  4. Amazon to end virtual textbook contract with UMass (Greemfield Recorder)
  5. Early Adopters (Futility Closet)
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  1. Everytime I read something that boldly asserts a revolution in digital reading, it is always either a website to be read on a computer or a standalone app for a phone. And it is always a gimmick. This one is the worst because it actually uses the word “ereader” in the title and then talks about something completely irrelevant and impossible for ereaders.

    Look, people just want to read. They don’t want cool animations, they don’t want to navigate a 3d house of text (thinking of another article). They just want to read on a lightweight device and not fill their houses with endless shelves of books. It’s just that simple, and that experience doesn’t need to be re-imagined.

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