New Nook Clears the FCC

New Nook Clears the FCC Barnes & Noble e-Reading Hardware

Apparently I goofed when I reported yesterday that B&N hadn't filed FCC paperwork for a new Nook model, because they actually submitted it last week (a glitch in the search function?).

The unnamed Nook bears the model number BNVR520, and it appears to be a 6" device. I can also report that it was tested for Wifi and hs a 1.5Ah battery, but just about all other details have been concealed by B&N under the usual confidentiality request.

There's speculation elsewhere on the web that the new Nook will launch this week, and that is very likely true given that the confidentiality period ends on 16 November.

So if we don't know more by Friday, we will know more in a couple weeks.

Stay tuned.

(Thanks, Phil, for the tip!)

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8 Comments on New Nook Clears the FCC

  1. it’s both wider and taller than the current Nook, so I doubt it’s still a 6 inch reader.
    6.4 x 4.7 currently
    6.9 x 5,0 on your listing

  2. It looks like they are bringing the good ergonomic design back, page turn buttons and all, and they’ve included the comfort light design that Kobo has. Not bad, too bad I hate Nook and will never own another one again.

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