Who or What Are You Reading Right Now?

Every so often I have posted an open question asking what people are reading on, but I don’t think I have ever asked about the content you are reading. So, readers – what are you reading right now? Fiction, non-fiction?

I’ll go first.

I just finished a anthology by Cat Rambo called Altered America. this wasn’t the only book I read, but it was the one I loved enough to recommend.

Altered America is a collection of steam punk stories set in a 19th century world. I loved it because it was the first steampunk I had read in a long time that used the tech for more than just set dressings, the first that looked at how the tech would be abused. For example, if you could graft mechanical limbs to a person then that would mean soldiers who lost an arm would not be let out of the army; instead, as their injuries mounted they would eventually be cut up and inserted into massive war machines.

It was a gruesome read.

What have you read recently?

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  1. William Ockham1 November, 2017

    Your website, duh…

    1. Nate Hoffelder1 November, 2017


  2. Kit1 November, 2017

    True crime, lately, which is not usual for me. I read After the Eclipse, by Sarah Perry, which was excellent, and The Man From The Train, by Bill James and Rachel McCarthy James, which was also excellent.

  3. C Lovejoy1 November, 2017

    I’m nearly finished with Sonia Sotomayor’s memoir My Beloved World. She’s a decent story teller and I’ve really enjoyed her stories of childhood in the Bronx. I traded in my original 6″ Kindle Oasis and so I’m reading it now on my new Kindle Oasis 7″ and can’t believe how much I love the new form factor.

  4. Scott1 November, 2017

    Demons, by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Just finished Ghost Story, by Peter Straub, as my Halloween read.

  5. Michael Anderson1 November, 2017

    Just finished re-reading for the nth time a bunch of Vonnegut books (Sirens of Titan, Welcome to the Monkey House, Player Piano, Jailbird, Breakfast of Champions, and finishing with my two faves Slaughterhouse Five and Cat’s Cradle) … and starting on ‘Ready Player One’.

    1. DavidW2 November, 2017

      I just finished Ready Player One. Loved it.

  6. Steve H.1 November, 2017

    I read many genres-science, politics, philosophy, how to’s, health…but today I started re-reading Words of Radiance in anticipation of Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson…all 1200+ pages!

  7. Robin1 November, 2017

    Reading David Kynaston’s Family Britain 1951-57. I bought the print version originally but at 696 pages too thick for me to read one-handed, so got it for my Kindle.

  8. Jan1 November, 2017

    The History of Mr. Polly, by HG Wells. Also reading, intermittently, stories in The Alien Megapack, The Fred M. White Megapack, and The Arsene Lupin Megapack. Enjoying all of them very much.

  9. Peter Winkler1 November, 2017

    Last Man Standing: Mort Sahl and the Birth of Modern Comedy, by James Curtis. Kindle edition on loan from the Los Angeles Public Library.

  10. Chris1 November, 2017

    Dead Stop by Barbara Nickless. Read the first in the series last year (believe it was one of the free Prime preview books for the month) and really enjoyed it, and so far this one is excellent as well.

  11. Fbone1 November, 2017

    The Kings of Clonmel by John Flanagan. Enjoying this YA series.

  12. Harmon1 November, 2017

    On my iPad Pro (10”): Smart Baseball by Keith Law – “The Story behind the old stats that are ruining the game, the new stats that are running it, and the right way to think about baseball.”

    On my Kindle Fire HD8, soon to be replaced by my new Oasis: The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov (Vintage International) All 52 published short stories. I’ve been on a Nabokov kick for a few weeks.

    Bedtime reading on my old Oasis: The Man Who Died Laughing by Tarquin Hall. Mystery set in modern Delhi. My bedtime reading is usually light stuff like mysteries or SF (Just finished Ancillary Mercy by Anne Leckie, last of an SF Trilogy.) Though for some reason I’ve found bedtime with my little Oasis is also a good time for plowing through Proust again. Go figure.

    Print: A Thread of Years by John Lukacs. A peculiar history book covering 20th century America in a unique fashion. Not available in eformat else I’d be reading it on my iPad.

    Print: The Third Level – short stories by Jack Finney – one per night. Also not available in eformat.

    Print: Endpoint – poems by John Updike. I try to read one poem a day, by somebody. Usually in print form.

    Audiobook: OnLooking: Eleven Walks with Expert Eyes by Alexandra Horowitz. I try to walk at least an hour a day, & audiobooks work very nicely for that & for when I’m driving.

    It’s nice being retired. Except for the being old part…

  13. Xavier Basora1 November, 2017

    Right now the reissued There will be war Vol II but lately it’s a mix of old pulps, thrillers and detective novels in English and other languages

    1. Nate Hoffelder1 November, 2017

      Is that one of the Pournelle anthologies?

  14. Straker1 November, 2017

    I’m about halfway through Les Miserables on my Kindle Voyage. It’s pretty good so far although the narrative really slows down once you move into the Marius section. Also reading The Big Rich by Bryan Burrough on my old Kindle 4. It’s a history of the Texas oil industry. Another good one but Burrough makes some silly errors (there was no “jet fuel” in the 1920s; he means aviation fuel). Biographies of Gore Vidal and Bob Hope are on deck.

  15. Barry Marks2 November, 2017

    I’m reading Ken Follett’s new book, “A Column of Fire”, the second sequel to “Pillars of the Earth”. It’s a novel that takes place during the rise of protestantism during the 16th century. Interesting stuff. Not as good as the earlier books but still very good. I’m reading it on my Voyage.


  16. Sharon Reamer2 November, 2017

    Plodging (plowing+drudging) through “Alexander Hamilton” (Ron Chernow). I keep taking breaks to read fun stuff (like year 1 of “The Uncollected Anthology” (stories from Leah Cutter, Annie Reed, Dayle Dermatis, Kris Rusch, and Leslie Claire Walker among others and several volumes of Fiction River – some really excellent stories and I didn’t find a bad one).

    I guess that means I may have to recheck Hamilton out of the library ’cause it’s going to take a while.

    I’ve got “Victoria: The Queen: An Intimate Biography of the Woman Who Ruled an Empire” (Julia Baird) on deck after that – it looked so good I pre-ordered the paperback.

  17. Frank2 November, 2017

    I am reading “The Stone Sky” the third volume in the Broken Earth series. It is an interesting world that has horrible climate change that lasts for years since the Evil Earth wants to kill everyone.

  18. Kurt2 November, 2017

    “Dust” by Hugh HOwey – for some reason I don’t have “Wool” on the ereader as “Dust” seems to read as a continuation of that as there are assumptions made…
    I was supposed to be reading the last volume of the “Dark Tower” but keep forgetting to update the ereader with the new stuff I’ve downloaded to the PC

  19. DavidW2 November, 2017

    So I just finished Ready Player One by Ernest Cline and IT by Stephen King not long before that. I’ve also been on and off reading the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman. I’m about to begin The Black Prism by Brent Weeks. I suppose I’ll be reading that on my new Oasis.

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