ePaper Hacking: How to Get the Fastest Possible Refresh Rate (video)

ePaper Hacking: How to Get the Fastest Possible Refresh Rate (video) E-ink e-Reading Hardware

Ever wonder just what is involved in refreshing an E-ink screen?

Ben Krasnow has posted a video where he first explains how epaper works and then goes on to modify the firmware of a 4.2" epaper module to get a faster refresh rate.

After giving us the background, Krasnow then walks us through some of the software running on the board that drives the E-ink screen, and shows how he modified it to make it faster by editing a few look-up-tables.

Ben Krasnow via Hackaday

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  1. Vicente3 November, 2017

    But, I guess ereader engineers know the bests tecniques to do it…


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