Dasung PaperMovie Combines a Projector with a 13.3″ E-ink Screen

The Chinese startup is the first and only company to sell an E-ink monitor, and soon they will be the first to sell – well, I’m not sure what it is.

According to a leaked product page, the PaperMovie is a new display that combines a small overhead projector with a 13.3″ E-ink monitor. Thanks to that projector, it is reportedly capable of displaying color.

As you may know, E-ink screens are great at black and white but terrible at displaying color because the only way to display color on an E-ink screen is by putting a filter on top of a grayscale screen (there’s better tech coming, but it’s not available yet). That filter reduces the resolution, and leaves the screen with a gray undertone.

The PaperMovie gets around this shortcoming by using the projector to  put the color on E-ink screen.

Or at least that is what is promised in the listing on Taobao; we have yet to see the device in action, or even see an official press release.

At this point the PaperMovie  is more of a dream than a product, but if it does ship the most likely ship date is the end of next year.

Stay tuned.


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  1. Q8 December, 2017

    Does this make sense ? Couldnt you just purchase a seperate projector and use it on an E ink Device you already have

  2. Q8 December, 2017

    Also, what upcoming tech are you referring to. Clearink ?

    1. Nate Hoffelder8 December, 2017

      I was referring to this:

      Somehow the link did not make it into the post.

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