Paul Biba’s eBook, eLibrary, eMuseum and ePublishing news compilation for week ending Friday, December 22

Paul Biba’s eBook, eLibrary, eMuseum and ePublishing news compilation for week ending Friday, December 22 Link Post Morning Coffee

Editor's Note: The following is a compilation of tweets from @PaulKBiba, the former editor-in-chief of Teleread and an editor of Project Gutenberg’s Facebook page.

Driverless cars open up new publishing opportunities. Renault is first to rise to the challenge. (The New Publishing Standard)

Cool! Explore Historical and Old Globes with a New iOS App: AR Globe From the David Rumsey Map Collection (Infodocket)

A medieval recipe for gingerbread (British Library)

Iceland's Christmas Book Flood is underway as ebook sales soar and print sales decline. (The New Publishing Standard)

Digital Collections (Art): “Who Are the Users of The Met’s Online Collection?” (Infodocket)

We've just announced more speakers for our #TechForum and #ebookcraft conferences in March 2018. Check it out! (Booknet Canada)

Kepubify Can Make Kobo Kepub eBooks Out of (DRM-Free) Epub eBooks (The Digital Reader)

This time it’s personal: the memory benefit of hearing oneself (Taylor & Francis Online)

Bowker and Enago Partner to Provide Book Authors High-Quality English Editing and Translation Services (NB Herald)

De Gruyter and United Nations cooperate on Open Access book project (No Shelf Required)

New Zealand Prepares Consultation to Modernize Copyright Laws (Torrentfreak)

Brexit will usher in a dark chapter for new British authors, warns ... - The Guardian (The Guardian)

2017 Inflation, Holiday Edition: Buttery e-books > figgy pudding (Melville House Books)

ProQuest Ebook Central Enhances Accessibility for Researchers (ProQuest)

With Amazon and Audible showing no interest in the Arab book markets the Middle East audiobook scene is likely to be shared by Sweden's Storytel and Saudi Arabia's Dahd. (The New Publishing Standard)

Kindle Unlimited Per-Page Rate. Funding Pool Jumped in November 2017 (The Digital Reader)

The Internet Archive’s OpenLibrary project violates copyright, the Authors Guild warns (Teleread)

The Most Amazing Archival Treasures That Were Digitized This Year Thousands of priceless images, books, documents, and more are now at your fingertips.
(Atlas Obscura)

Do you want to be a better blogger? then check out my course (The Digital Reader)

Who enters the public domain in 2018? (BoingBoing)

3,500 Occult Manuscripts Will Be Digitized & Made Freely Available Online, Thanks to Da Vinci Code Author Dan Brown (Open Culture)

Reference Resource: New York City’s Landmark Preservation Council (LPC) Makes Data On All Historic Buildings More Accessible with New, Enhanced Interactive Map (Infodocket)

AAP Reports Trade Sales Flat, eBook Sales Down Through August 2017 (The Digital Reader)

An Important Archive of New York Quilt History Is Being Digitized (Hyperallergic)

Digital Collection: California State Archives Releases Nearly 3,000 Newly Digitized Photos of Early 20th Century Life and Landmarks (Infodocket)

What Won’t Enter the Public Domain in the USA in January 2018 (The Digital Reader)

Why The Kindle Hasn’t Changed Books, and Other Slightly Ridiculous Questions (The Digital Reader)

Digital Corpus Of Literary Papyri Launched Online by NYU’s Institute for the Study of the Ancient World (IASW) (Infodocket)

Research Library Issues (292) Now Available Online From the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) (Infodocket)

L'édition française s'ouvre à l'autopublication (Actualitte)

Library of Congress Makes Historical Versions of U.S. Code Available Online (NISO)

Smart Author Podcast Begins Six-Part Audio Serialization of New 2018 Edition of Smashwords Book Marketing Guide (Smashwords)

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  1. Kaz Augustin24 December, 2017

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays, Paul and Nate! Love this round-up. 🙂 Keep it coming. A prosperous and happy New Year to all.


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