Amazon is Giving Away a $5 Kindle eBook Credit

Amazon is Giving Away a $5 Kindle eBook Credit Amazon

I have just encountered a free credit Amazon started at the beginning of the month, which is expiring on the first of January.

Amazon is giving  select customers a $5 credit towards Kindle ebooks. Click the following link, log into your Amazon account, and Amazon will tell you whether you qualify.

How do you plan to spend your credit?


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18 Comments on Amazon is Giving Away a $5 Kindle eBook Credit

  1. Apparently only for US customers. Bahh!

  2. Thanks, Nate! It worked for me. Not sure what I will buy but there’s bound to be a book I want to read. If nothing else, I have a new title coming out next month, so I COULD wait and buy my own book. 🙂

  3. I’m not eligible and I’m in the US. I wonder what the criteria are. I spend a ridiculous amount of money with Amazon every month. 😛

  4. It worked for me, thanks!

  5. A quick web search shows that this promotion is for people to download and try out the kindle app, so if you’ve already done that you probably aren’t eligible.

    I can’t bring myself to use the offered page. It wants me to log in, yet if I just visit amazon directly in another tab, I’m already logged in. It’s probably legit, but that goes beyond my comfort zone.

    • I already have the Kindle app on both my iPad and my Android phone but I still got the credit. Bought the second volume of James Kaplan’s biography of Frank Sinatra.

  6. Thanks for sharing the link, Nate. It worked for me, and I “bought” an ebook I saw in one of the sci fi lists you shared recently. 🙂 Going to give “Red Mars” a try.

  7. Thanks, I never seem to know about these things without some help. I bought “The Last Mrs Parrish”.

  8. Thanks for the tip, Nate!

  9. I won’t buy a drm’ed, potentially short-term license to read a book, but since they gave me free I chose “Tomb of the Panzerwaffe: The Defeat of the Sixth SS Panzer Army in Hungary 1945.” The Russian author mined records just recently made available to present the story of the Battle of Lake Balaton. Most military history buffs are aware that this battle happened, but few have much knowledge of it. I found it to be quite interesting.

    • You can allways use Calibre with Alf’s plugin to eliminate DRM. It’s the first thing I do whenever I buy an ebook ( mainly kindle)

      • Easier said than done on a Linux machine. If I understand correctly, you have to set up an ADE account on a windows machine first and I don’t have one easily available. I know you can do all this through Wine but it’s just too much trouble, considering there are plenty of non-drm books available to read. But I agree that for someone who wants to read kindle editions it is worthwhile to do.

  10. Thanks Nate!

  11. Thanks for the link! Logged in and was able to get the credit applied to my account. Was planning on buying a new Kindle ebook once I finish up the current paper book I received for Christmas (Godzilla FAQ by Brian Solomon), which should be done tomorrow. So with the supposed big ebook sale from Amazon on the 29th, and this unexpected credit, I’m hoping I’ll find one or two deals on some books I’ve been meaning to pick up.

  12. Not eligible, poo

  13. Thanks, I was able to get a ebook on my wish list that also had a sale to make it 5 bucks. I am a US customer that has bought plenty of Kindle ebooks before. The credit expires in two days.

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