Onyx Boox Note 10.3″ eReader Goes Up for Pre-Order – Android 6.0, $551

Onyx’s long-awaited 10.3″ ereader is almost here, and my god it is expensive.

The Onyx Boox Note features a 10.3″ screen with the same resolution as the Remarkable writing tablet, combined with dual touchscreen technologies and princely price tag of 462 euros, or $551 USD.

The Onyx Boox Note runs Android 6.0 on a quad-core 1.6Ghz CPU with 2GB RAM, and 32GB storage. In terms of input it has a single button on the front as well as both a capacitive and WACOM touchscreen integrated into its 10.3″ Mobius Carta E-ink screen (screen resolution 1872 x 1404).

Powered by a 4.1Ah battery, the Note has Wifi, Bluetooth, a pair of speakers, and a microphone.

That is a powerful device, but it is also an incredibly expensive one. You could buy an iPad for less, and get a tablet that does a lot more.

The Note goes up for pre-order today for 462 euros, and is expected to ship on 7 February.

eReader.Store (formerly ereader-store.de)

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  1. nemano10 January, 2018

    No memory expansion slot? 🙁

  2. Chris16 January, 2018

    I really would love to purchase one of these or the Sony device or the ReMarkable, but the cost is just so prohibitive. There are rumors Apple is going to release a 9.7 inch iPad this year and bring down the price to a point where I could purchase two 9.7 iPads or one Boox Note.

    Is it the fact these are niche devices, the cost of the tech or a combination that results in extremely high prices for e-readers with stylus/handwriting support? Short of Amazon, Apple, Microsoft or Google purchasing ReMarkable or Onyx, is there much hope these devices will be sub $300 in the US any time soon? I’ve never used one so my techie drool over them may be unjustified, but these e-ink devices with handwriting support have been my dream device for a while. I just can’t bring myself to pay the premium price.

    1. Nate Hoffelder16 January, 2018

      It all comes down to cost and production runs.

      The screens aren’t widely used, so they are produced in limited quantities end up costing a lot. That drives up the unit price of the devices, reducing demand further.

  3. Mark Nolette17 January, 2018

    I like the idea of an eInk device with Android 6.0. The Note looks like a very good device, but I, too, hesitate at the price. I already have a smaller eInk device for books. This device could be great for pdfs and for a couple of Android apps I’d like to use on eInk that need 5.0 or higher. However, I already have an iPad Pro. Same size, more or less. It’s pretty good for reading as well – nearly as good as eInk for me. So, is the slight advantage of the Note worth an additional $550 for me? No.

    If there was a smaller eInk device – 6 or 7 inches – for < $250 – that ran Android 6.0 or higher, I might pull the trigger. But I can't justify this one.

    It's great that Onyx is coming out with such devices. I'd like to encourage that. But I have to pass this time.

  4. Vicente23 January, 2018

    What I don’t understantd: this device weighs like the Sony DPT-RP1, and the latter is significantly larger.


  5. Sam19 April, 2018

    all is perfect unless the price is not fair 🙁

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