Remarkable Writing Tablet Gets Its First Firmware Update

The Remarkable  writing tablet got its first update yesterday. The update will affect both the device itself as well as the companion apps on mobile and desktop, and will be rolled out over the next ten days.

According to the changelog, the update adds a new sleep mode as well as support for more types of Wifi connections. The export process was also tweaked, and so has the crop function.

You can find out more in Remarkable's blog post.

I have had one for about a week (I'm still on the previous firmware). It is very pretty but the the software is lacking. For example, the Remarkable can't keep up with me when I am writing. It's not just that the display lags by a couple characters, but also that it loses strokes.  (Then again, this is an intermittent issue so it could just be user error - maybe I am holding the stylus wrong.)

Do you have one? What do you think of it?

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3 Comments on Remarkable Writing Tablet Gets Its First Firmware Update

  1. If you have problems with missing strokes, turn off wifi when you’re writing. I do have this device, originally bought it to read pdfs (it wasn’t *that* expensive in the pre-sale, and it had a plastic-substrate screen), but I actually use it daily for writing, and I really like it.

  2. I have the ReMarkable since a few months now and I mostly use it for note taking. I still use a booklet on the side for logging my work progress; I simply like the use of a booklet for these things since it allows me to quickly browse the pages and look for things much faster than any e-device ever (well..) will. On the update, I don’t recognize earlier comments. Seems more like a fawlty product/OS issue than a common feature. The battery life still is underwhelming, but I have no issues with any of the other points.
    I hope the next update gives a better way of dealing with pdfs, though. When highlighting a pdf and uploading it, it still gets blown up to 5 or more times its size. Since I have many pdfs to read and to highlight, this would quickly consume my disk space. From the properties of the bloated pfds, I guess they use Quicktime to re-create their pdfs. This needs to be corrected for proper pdf and highlight workability.

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