Streetlib Launches a Publishing Services Marketplace

Streetlib Launches a Publishing Services Marketplace Self-Pub

So you are an author, and you need help with your next book, but you don't know where to find it. You could ask other authors for recommendations, or you could visit one of the many publishing services marketplaces.

This is a term I coined in 2014 for directory sites where freelancers and companies list the services they offer.

I know of 8 such sites, and now StreetLib has thrown their hat in the ring:

We are very happy to announce the launch of StreetLib Market. Simply put, it’s an online marketplace where you can contact and collaborate with independent book publishing professionals. With StreetLib Market, an author or publisher based anywhere in the world can commission the best editor, designer, marketer, and more for the job, regardless of their country of residence, and with minimal hassle in terms of billing, international tax issues, document exchange, and more.

Why StreetLib Market? First of all, everyone who hopes to write a great book needs an editor—that’s just a fact. To publish successfully, you need even more assistance. It used to be that to gain access to this help, you had to snag a book deal, and ideally one from a major New York or London publisher. Now you can locate freelance editors and designers online with just minutes of Googling. Still, one has to wonder: Will this person leave me poorer but without a stronger book? There’s much guesswork and minimal accountability. The search was daunting, for many people.

I wrote a round up post in 2014 that listed 8 sites ranging from Kboards yellow pages to Reedsy. I just updated it this morning to include Streetlib Market.

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3 Comments on Streetlib Launches a Publishing Services Marketplace

  1. Just so long as they don’t turn out to be yet another ‘author solutions’ …

  2. StreetLib has been providing distribution and other ethical services to authors since before Smashwords launched, Allen, so that’s pretty unlikely.

  3. Thanks so much, Marlynn!

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