Kindle Oasis Now Available in Champagne Gold

Amazon has just announced a third color option for the Kindle Oasis 2. In addition to graphite and gold, you now have the choice of champagne gold.

It is up for pre-order today for  $279.99, and it will start shipping on 22 March. It is only available with 32GB of storage and Wifi (but not 3G).

It seems rather odd to release a limited color option like this, given that the Oasis cases are going to cover the back and render your color choice irrelevant, but at least it is pretty.

Kindle Oasis Now Available in Champagne Gold e-Reading Hardware Kindle


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8 Comments on Kindle Oasis Now Available in Champagne Gold

  1. It will be the color you see around the edges of the black bezel. I did not like how the gold trim looked against the black bezel, but I don’t know that I’d like this slightly different color any better. Why not black+black? Or gold+white (like iPad/iPhone option)

    • I just realized that the demo (pre-production?) Oasis I saw in AmazonBooks (just after launch) did have gold trim, not graphite. I assumed they were all like that – having not seen another one in person.

  2. Heh, I just bought an Oasis, myself, and I’m a little sad that this color choice is happening _now_. I’d have liked to see that in person! (And I even got a 32GB, wifi model.)

  3. I think they should concentrate on fixing the battery issues before bringing out other color choices.

  4. “In addition to black and gold”

    That was never an option, the original color is graphite.

  5. Nate, the link to the new Oasis picture is off. It should be:

    Not everyone uses cases, but I do because I am a little bit clumsy.

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