Amazon is Shutting Down Its Crowd-Sourcing Platform, Kindle Scout

Amazon is Shutting Down Its Crowd-Sourcing Platform, Kindle Scout Amazon Crowd-Sourcing

Amazon informed authors on Monday that they were no longer accepting new submissions to Kindle Scout.

Dear valued scout,

As a member of the Kindle Scout voter community, we wanted to let you know of some upcoming changes being made to the Kindle Scout program.

As of April 3rd, Kindle Scout will no longer accept new submissions, and you will no longer be able to start a new Kindle Scout campaign. Once the current campaigns end their voting period, you will have until May 31st to log into your Kindle Scout profile, redeem free copies of your selected nominations, and save any info you may want.

If you have any questions about your Kindle Scout account, please contact our Customer Support team at [email protected]

We appreciate the support that you've provided over the years. Thanks to readers like you, hundreds of books have been selected for publication since Kindle Scout was started in 2015:

Please continue supporting debut and emerging authors on Goodreads and by submitting reviews on each.

Warm wishes,
The Kindle Scout team

Launched in 2014, Kindle Scout was a hybrid publishing project where Amazon used crowd-sourcing to select titles to publish. Authors who were accepted were offered a $1,500 advance, 50% royalties, and an Amazon marketing push.

A total of 293 titles were selected for publication over Kindle Scout's 3 and a half year run.

It's impossible to say just how many copies were sold, but Kindle Scout remained popular with authors all the way to the end. I have found favorable reviews from authors in every year since it launched.

Why do you suppose Amazon shut down the program? Were sales declining for newer titles?


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  2. Faith Mwangasha.27 April, 2018

    Just received the email that my book was rejected by kindle. Sad though,anyone who get selected, congrats.

  3. Anne Maclachlan27 April, 2018

    Faith, I’m sorry to hear that. Will you go ahead and publish anyway? What’s the title of your book?


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