AAP Reports Trade Revenues Up 1% Through November 2017

The Association of American Publishers reported on Wednesday that publisher revenues fell 5.5% in the month of November while staying up for the year.

Revenues from the YA segment were up 3% through November, while adult and religious press revenues were down. In terms of format, hardback sales were up, while ebook and paperback sales.

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Publishers saw decreased revenue (-5.4%) in November 2017 vs. November 2016, but year-to-date revenue remains up (+1.1%) compared to Jan. – Nov. 2016 in all tracked categories. Tracked categories include: Trade – fiction/non-fiction/religious, PreK-12 Instructional Materials, Higher Education Course Materials, Professional Publishing, and University Presses. The year-to-date growth is primarily attributed to gains in the two largest categories: Adult Books, up $129.7 million (+2.9%) and Higher Education Course Materials, up $114.3 million (+3.8%).

Publisher revenue for trade books was down for November by -4.0%, with declines in Adult, Childrens/YA and Religious Presses. Year-to-date, trade revenue is up by +1.0%, or $66.7 million.

Total Trade Net Revenue by Category for Jan. – Nov. 2017 (in millions)*

  Jan. – Nov. 2017 Jan. – Nov. 2016 Percent Change
Adult Fiction/Non-Fiction








Religious Presses




Total Trade




Trade Book Formats

In November, downloaded audio (+44.8%) and board books (+1.5%) were the only categories to see increased revenue. However, during the Jan. – Nov. 2017 timeframe, publishers saw increased revenue for hardback books, downloaded audio and board books. Publisher revenue for eBooks continued to decline in all categories except one – religious presses, where eBooks are up +6.4% in November and +9.9% year-to-date.

Eleven Month Total Trade Net Revenue by Format (in millions)*

  Jan. – Nov. 2017 Jan. – Nov. 2016 Percent Change




Paperback & Mass Market








Downloaded Audio




Board Books




Other (incl physical audio)




Education and Scholarly Publishing

The education sector saw mixed results, with +3.8% revenue growth in Higher Education Course Materials and a -3.1% decline in PreK-12 Instructional Materials from Jan. – Nov. 2017.

Revenue for Professional Books increased by +14.8% for Nov. 2017 compared to Nov. 2016 and are up +10.5% year to date. University Press revenue declined -0.8% in November, but are up +4.8% year-to-date.



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