Morning Coffee – 20 April 2018

Morning Coffee - 20 April 2018 Morning Coffee

We are going to try something new this Friday morning.

  1. Camestros Felapton has  a guide on what you should do if your ebook was pirated in iBooks.
  2. Techdirt has new commentary on the ongoing crusade against Sci-Hub.
  3. Writing over at The Book Designer, Judith Briles argues that social media shouldn't be a time suck.
  4. Anne R. Allen lays out the ground rules for when you should abandon a WIP.
  5. JStor wants you to know that before blogs, there were zines.
  6. Brian Eno thinks creatives who want to do their best work should not get a day job.
  7. David Gaughran has a guide to making killer graphics in Canva.

The reason I changed up the formatting is simple: social media. I want to share more interesting updates, which means no more sharing title plus a link. Instead, I need to share summary sentences (I expect they will get more attention/clicks).

It only takes a little more work to write the summary sentence instead of copy/pasting title, but it would take twice as much work to do a sentence for social networks and a title+name for this link post. So I am only going to do the former.

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  1. I got a chuckle when I read your comment, “The reason I changed up the formatting is simple: social media”, having just read “social media shouldn’t be a time suck” in the list. 😀 I appreciate the new formatting, and will probably read more articles. Thanks.

    The article on social media at The Book Designer is spot on, and it mirrors some of my own thoughts about changing my habits.

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