Barnes & Noble Adds a 30-Day Sales Graph, Scheduled Price Changes

Judging by the continued decline in revenue, Barnes & Noble’s ebook project is a a failure, but someone apparently forgot to tell the tech team at B&N Press.

B&N announced new features for its publisher portal on Friday:

We’ve launched a few new features that we wanted to tell you about: the ability to schedule eBook price changes in advance and an at-a-glance 30-day sales reporting graph.

We know the ability to schedule an eBook price change in advance is important to our authors. You can now select a start and end date for eBook price promotions in advance, giving you extra time to focus on other things – like writing!

We also have an update to our Sales Reportingwith a new at-a-glance, 30-day graph to help you identify sales trends. We hope this graph gives you better insight into your sales performance quickly and efficiently.

The 30-day graph also provides a by title option that will allow you to focus on your sales trends with even more detail!

This is the first announced update to B&N Press platform January. That update featured new sales reporting options, including by day, week, and year.


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  1. Allen F29 April, 2018

    They didn’t forget to ‘tell’ the tech team – they forgot they had a tech team to tell …

    Just another idea they got watching that movie where they rearranged the deckchairs as the ship sank …

    1. Nate Hoffelder30 April, 2018


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