Freewrite Hipster Typewriter Updated With Frontlight, Larger Battery

I was working on a post this morning on distraction free writing apps when I noticed that the Freewrite, that expensive retro word processor, was updated last fall. The Freewrite features a mechanical keyboard and 6″ E-ink screen The new model has been upgraded with a frontlight on the E-ink screen, and downgraded with a USB-C port. Here’s a video showing the second-gen Freewrite in action: As you can see in the video, the Freewrite is designed to be a modern take on a word processor. It’s meant to be a writing tool only, which is why it doesn’t have a web browser or email app, and why it supports plain text files only.. It can’t even edit existing documents; you’ll need to transfer them before you can do that. It has Wifi for syncing your documents with cloud services, as well as a USB-C port for charging and transferring documents to your PC. According to the site, the Freewrite’s battery is rated to last up to 4 weeks when typing for 30 minutes per day. Similar promises are made about ereaders, and depending on your writing style that could equate to days or weeks of use. The Freewrite can be bought … Continue reading Freewrite Hipster Typewriter Updated With Frontlight, Larger Battery