Dasung Paperlike HD E-ink Monitor (video)

Dasung is a Chinese startup that is the only company to have produced an E-ink monitor. They call it the Paperlike, and launched their first model in 2015, then followed it with two more models only one of which, the Paperlike Pro, was worth buying).

Now Dasung is launching what it calls its 3rd-gen monitor, the Paperlike HD. This model launched in China in December and can currently be bought on Ebay for around $1100. Dasung has just started their international promotion, and has promised to send me one (it should arrive in the next few weeks).

The Paperlike HD features a 13.3" E-ink monitor with a screen resolution of 2200 x 1650. a significant improvement over the last model (1200 x 1600). It's not clear how else the HD is better than the Pro, but I will know more when my unit arrives.

Like previous models, the Paperlike HD has a standard VESA mount on the back, and connects to your computer via HDMI. Unlike the similar-sized ereaders from Onyx, the Paperlike HD does not have a CPU, touchscreen, or frontlight.

Dasung, Ebay

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4 Comments on Dasung Paperlike HD E-ink Monitor (video)

  1. The Dasung HD that is available on E-Bay is the Chinese version, No English help guides and is the Pearl version of the screen. It is being resold by non authorized individuals.

  2. Paperlike HD is now for sale on Indiegogo. It’s called Paperlike 3.

  3. I doubt it has no CPU. A Look inside might reveal one.

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