ClearInk is Still a Year Away From Mass Production (video)

ClearInk is Still a Year Away From Mass Production (video) e-Reading Hardware Screen Tech

ClearInk demonstrated the latest examples of their screen tech at SID Display Week 2018.

The screens missed their promised ship date of last quarter, but ClearInk says that in spite of the delay they have still made a lot of progress. As you will see in the video, the ClearInk rep says they have doubled the resolution, increased the color gamut by 30%, increased contrast by 100%, and brought down the operating voltage to 5V compared with the 10V that they were operating at last year.

ClearInk is also claiming in a press release that they have a $10 million contract to supply screens to a tablet maker, but since they don't name the partner that announcement really isn't worth the electrons it is written on.

In related news, the company's eSchoolBook project has been in trial manufacturing in China over the past several months aiming for a mass production release by Q2 in 2019. It is not clear what market this product would be sold in or how it will successfully compete with cheap Android tablets, iPads, or Chromebooks.

ClearInk screens, should they ever reach the market, will be more expensive and less pretty than current screens, which is why we are very likely looking at the next late great screen tech.

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