Intel “Tiger Rapids” Concept Design Revives the Entourage Edge Idea

The Entourage Edge was a funky looking two-screen Android device that launched in late 2009. It had a brief heyday before everyone decided that the design was clunky and difficult to use, after which the company folded when its capital ran out.

Now it looks like the idea may come back.

The Verge has a report on one of Intel's new concept designs, the Tiger Rapids. This device runs Windows 10 and combines a 7.9" LCD screen with a 7.8" E-ink screen.

Intel "Tiger Rapids" Concept Design Revives the Entourage Edge Idea e-Reading Hardware

With a claimed 6 or 7 hours of battery life, this device has both the power and the portability that the Edge lacked. Few specific hardware details were revealed, but the reviewer did note that while the software was currently super buggy and unstable, the stylus showed remarkably low latency, and that "the screen had just the right amount of traction to make it a pleasurable experience".

He also remarked on the overall design, saying that it was quite appealing.

Since this is a prototype, there is no guarantee that it will ever hit store shelves, but if it does come to market its maker may be in for a patent fight; both Google and Amazon have patents on device designs similar to the Tiger Rapids.

Neither has shown any inclination to release a dual-screen tablet, however.

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2 Comments on Intel “Tiger Rapids” Concept Design Revives the Entourage Edge Idea

  1. I want this just as badly as I wanted the Courier. Unfortunately I doubt it’ll be released unless Microsoft’s alleged Andromeda device shows there’s a market for this type of device first.

  2. Eh. Toshiba showed a dual-screen notebook. And Asus just showed one too. I have my doubts these things will ever happen. And if they do, that people will buy them in volume. How’s that ZTE dual-screen phone been selling, eh? Well, BEFORE they screwed themselves … harumph.

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