You Tell Me: Who or What Are You Reading Right Now?

You Tell Me: Who or What Are You Reading Right Now? Open Topic

Every so often I like to ask what people are reading. So, readers - what are you reading right now? Fiction, non-fiction?

I'll go first.

I am reading Caroline Fraser's Prairie Fires. It's a non-fiction book that delves into the historical context surrounding Laura Ingalls Wilder's children's books. I borrowed it from the library in paper, and it's a dense read. (I'm probably going to have to go buy the ebook.)

So what are you reading?

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  1. I’m reading THR RAGE OF PLUM BLOSSOMS by Christine M Whitehead. It’s difficult to categorize. A well-to-do Manhattan lawyer refuses to accept her husband’s death as a suicide and tries to uncover the truth. It’s part mystery, part thriller, part chick lit, with a lot of humor thrown in.

  2. Genius Foods by Max Lugavere – non fiction book about his insights into diet and food intake and it’s affects on Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

  3. New York 2140, by Kim Stanley Robinson. The Big Apple is drowning, literally.

  4. Revenent Gun by Yoon Ha Lee. It’s the conclusion of the Machineries of Empire trilogy started with Ninefox Gambit and Raven Stratagem. It’s Asian flavoured space opera similar to the style of Aliette de Bodard.

  5. Just finished “A Star in the Void,” the final installment of the Halcyone Space series.

  6. Five books at once
    _The Minus Faction_ by Rick Wayne
    _Derelict_ by LJ Cohen
    _House of Leaves_ by Danielewski
    _Elmet_ by Fiona Mozley
    _Bone Music_ Christopher Rice

  7. I am alternating between a Kindle Unlimited A Warrior’s Knowledge fantasy book, America at War with Itself by Henry Giroux and Genius Foods by Max Lugavere(second reader in this forum)

  8. Michael Anderson // 3 July, 2018 at 11:23 am // Reply

    Switching between two:
    – the classic “The Foundations of Statistics” by Leonard Savage … yeah, not exactly a light read, but great stuff.
    – Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman.

    Both on Kindle 🙂

  9. James Potter and the curse of the gatekeeper, by G. Norman Lippert, part of his James Potter series, available from

  10. Minus Faction by Rick Wayne and Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain.

  11. Two things, both fiction:
    The Minus Faction and Kristin Lavransdatter

  12. The Minus Faction by Rick Wayne

  13. Non fiction. The Man With The Golden Typewriter. A collection of Ian’s Fleming’s letters (mostly to his publisher) as the James Bond books were first published and then became successful. The letters reveal how active Fleming was in approaching reviewers and others who could help draw attention to the books. Fleming also haggles charmingly, politely, but firmly with his publisher over royalties and advertising. Plus ça change…

  14. I’m reading _The Star in the Void_ by LJ Cohen, the final installment in her Halcyone series.

  15. A Star in the Void, by LJ Cohen. My favourite space opera series.

  16. The Minus Faction, by Rick Wayne.

  17. On Serial Reader, I am reading After London by Richard Jeffries.

    On my Kindle, I am reading Tales of Space and Time by H G Wells.

  18. The Hub: Dangerous Territory by James H. Schmitz

    I wanted to re-read The Demon Breed. When I finished that I went back and started reading the rest of the stories in it.

  19. Javier Negrete’s The Greeks great adventure. A Spanish author who is High School Greek teacher, he has written Fantasy, Science Fiction and historical novels, but this book is a light history of Greek civilization. He is very entertaining, probably this book is not for someone who likes reading history and has a medium knowledge of the Greeks, but for someone like me, who has only the knowledge left after my long ago history classes, it’s a good remainder.

  20. Le Crime d’Orcival. One of the early detective novels that was published in the late 19th/early 20th cetury


  21. A self-help book: “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One”, by Joe Dispenza.

    And the fiction one I’m reading right now is “Touched by Magic”, by Doranna Durgin. (One of my favorite authors.)

  22. Fiction: Ghost Sub by Todd Tucker
    Non-Ficton: Something Wonderful: Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Broadway Revolution by Todd S. Purdum

  23. Where The Bodies Were Buried: Whitey Bulger And The World That Made Him by T.J.English

  24. Why Buddhism is True. Taking me a long time to get through this one.

  25. Just finished reading two print books from the library: “So You Want to Talk About Race” by Ijeoma Oluo (nonfiction) and “Summer Hours at the Robbers Library” by Sue Halpern.

    Currently reading “Red Mars” by Kim Stanley Robinson as an ebook on my phone.

  26. Reaper’s Gale by Steven Erikson, book 7 of the Malazan Book of the Fallen. I’ve been working on this fantasy series off and on for the past decade.

  27. Re Ruth Harris: I became aware of Ian Fleming when President Kennedy said he read the Bond series. I guess that helped a lot

  28. fahirsch—Yes it did. JFK’s rec catapulted 007 into a new level of fame. However, Fleming was a tireless promoter from the beginning. Himself a journalist and editor, he knew “everyone.” He was in touch with reviewers, other writers in his genre, was on top of his publishers about covers, print orders and haggled with them (charmingly and politely) on advances and royalties. The letters are irresistible and informative reading.

  29. I read one epic each summer. This year I’m finally reading The Stand by Stephen King.

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