You Tell Me: What Device Are You Reading on Right Now?

You Tell Me: What Device Are You Reading on Right Now? Open Topic Inspired by the phenomenal response to Tuesday's discussion about reading material, today I would like to ask you about what you are reading on.

Every so often I like to ask what devices - print or digital - people are reading. So, readers - what are you reading on right now? Magazine, hardback, or paperback? Kindle, smartphone, or tablet?

I'll go first.

For the most part I am spending most of my reading time on my Fire tablet. I'd like to read more on my 4" smartphone, but the screen just isn't large enough for a satisfactory experience. I could load the same book on both devices, and I would only be happy with the larger device.

How about you?

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Bill Peschel6 July, 2018

    Kindle Touch. Yes, the old one you have to sideload all your books on, even those from Amazon.

    1. Mike D7 July, 2018


      I have an original Touch and the Wi-Fi works fine.

      I am currently reading on a Fire 7″ indoors and a Kindle Keyboard outside (because it has 3G)

  2. Antonio6 July, 2018

    Kindle Voyage

  3. J.D. Ogre6 July, 2018

    A Kobo Aura Edition 2 (which has been on sale for $99 CA most places thanks to the Clara’s release). Bought it on Wednesday to replace my aging Kobo Mini, whose case has 4 cracks being covered by duct tape and whose battery was getting to the point where it needed to be charged every few days…

  4. Michael Anderson6 July, 2018

    Since I noted two distinctly different things I was reading, it is perhaps unsurprising I am reading on two devices:
    – Kindle Paperwhite for my ‘pleasure’ reading
    – iPad Pro 10.5 for my more technical reading.

    Oh … and I just started ‘Where the Hurt Is’ by Chris Kelsey – intriguing start, liking it so far.

  5. Paolo Amoroso6 July, 2018

    I use an Android smartphone for all my ebook reading.

  6. Tim Illingworth6 July, 2018

    Mostly I read with Cool Reader on a 10″ Verizon Ellipsis tablet. Occasionally it’s my old Nook Tablet. Plus paperback fiction and hardback non-fiction.

  7. Mac6 July, 2018

    Android smartphone

  8. I have owned a Kindle 1, a Kindle 2, and Kindle 3 (aka Kindle Keyboard), Kindle Touch, Kindle Fire, Kindle Paperwhite. and Kindle Voyage. I still have the Touch, the Fire, and the Voyage. When my husband was in the hospital I gave him my Paperwhite and then when I missed it too much, I ordered myself the Voyage. I use the Fire only for traveling, as a tablet, not an ereader (unless I want to look at color illustrations I never read books on it). All except the Fire have had 3G. The first Kindle ONLY had 3G. I confess to being spoiled. Once you have instant gratification, new books anywhere, any time, it’s hard to go back.

    But now I read only on the Voyage. I do wish it could read aloud like the older models, but that than that, it offers what I want– e-ink screen, front lit, and my choice of page swipes or page turn buttons in the bezel.

  9. fahirsch6 July, 2018

    Kindle Paperwhite and sometimes on Kindle app on a iPhone 7+.

  10. Ruth Harris6 July, 2018

    Divided just about equally between Kindle and my iPad. I live surrounded by books, but haven’t purchased either a hardcover or a paperback for several years. All e-reading all the way.

  11. Hussman6 July, 2018

    Nexus 10 Tablet with the Kindle and Comic Screen Apps

  12. Kit6 July, 2018

    Kindle app on my iPad Air 2, and sometimes on my iPhone if I don’t have my iPad with me. And sometimes print books from the library. At 50+ years old, I wear multifocal contacts or progressive lens glasses, and I have real trouble with fine print on paper, or if the paper in books has gotten yellowed and there isn’t a sharp contrast between the printing and the paper.

  13. Xavier Basora6 July, 2018

    Samsung Galaxy tab a with both the kobobooks and kindle apps


  14. Mike Hall6 July, 2018

    We’ve got a continuing heatwave in the UK and I’m doing most of my reading sitting outside in the Sun: so my fiction reading – all now e-books – is done on a Paperwhite as nothing else I own (phone or tablets) is really usable – unless I resurrect my old keyboard Kindle. The non fiction is all on paper.

  15. DavidW6 July, 2018

    Even though Kobo provides my main devices these days, I’m currently reading on a Kindle during the day and a Fire at night. What I’m reading is a Kindle book that doesn’t translate well to kepub. Also I like traveling with cheaper devices. I’m out of town visiting family.

  16. Dan6 July, 2018

    Oasis 2. I am sadly one of those people who buy every other generation Kindle (ease of Amazon book purchases and a fine experience makes this hard to beat). I like the larger form factor. Regardless, my preferences are highly correlated with the fact that as I received my Oasis, I found a bunch of great books I’ve really enjoyed (correlation does not imply causation – but it did greatly improve the experience).

  17. Gwenhael6 July, 2018

    – Kobo H2o 2 for ebooks
    – iFive Mini 4s for comics and magazines

  18. Randy Lea6 July, 2018

    I read almost everything on the Fire 10. I read paper books only from Interlibrary loans or the local library has a print book not on ebook.

    The Fire 10 is a better tablet overall, but the Fire 8 is fine for reading, on sale for $50 probably on Black Friday ($100 for the Fire 10), based on history. It’s so much better than any phone for reading. Throw a huge uSD card in them and they are both fine for downloading Netflix or Amazon movies & TV shows.

  19. Dan6 July, 2018

    Short bursts on my phone’s kindle app.
    Longer sessions on my Voyage.

  20. Juli Monroe6 July, 2018

    I’m in a “read on my iPad in Marvin” kick at the moment. Not sure why, but I’m sure I’ll go back to my Oasis2 soon.

  21. Gabrielle6 July, 2018

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK using Moon Reader Pro app for reading or Smart Audiobooks app for listening. I mostly use my Unihertz Jelly Pro with SA app for audiobooks.

    I use Gdrive to transfer books along with 2 sync apps.. Drive Sync for ebooks, Folder Sync for audiobooks.

    Usually I use Sweech app to use wifi to transfer audiobooks from pc to device. That way my info text file transfers along with the mp3 files. Gdrive doesn’t like text files and turns it into a pdf.

  22. Liz6 July, 2018

    First generation Kindle Oasis. I also have a Paperwhite. I read high-graphic books on my ipad mini.

  23. DaveMich6 July, 2018

    Voyage. Samsung phone is a backup, but it hasn’t been getting much use lately. My wife does an enormous amount of reading on her kindle fire HD “previous technology” – a 2012 tablet that still has the carousel interface.

  24. Steve6 July, 2018

    I bounce back and forth between my Kobo Aura One and a Kindle Oasis 2. I like e-ink readers, and I appreciate the larger screen size of those two devices.
    Nearly every book I read is also loaded onto my phone, and I use MoonReader’s TTS feature with an Ivona voice to read to me while driving to and from work.

  25. Steve H.6 July, 2018

    Kindle Oasis 2 and occasionally an old Kindle Fire DX for high image books. Really like almost everything about the Oasis. Going to be difficult to choose to upgrade now. Maybe an 8″ or larger reader would entice me.
    Pleased that Amazon finally lets you use your own fonts!

  26. Eric6 July, 2018

    If I’m really lucky and the sun is out and I’m not at work, Kindle Oasis 2. Best reading device for sunshine I’ve ever used.

    If I’m inside, Samsung Galaxy 2 with either the Kindle app or Freda.

    Why Freda, you ask? It’s one of the very few reading apps which sync over the net AND has a Windows client AND gets through our corporate firewall. (Yeah, you can do the math on that one.)

  27. wehoho6 July, 2018

    Kobo Aura One at home, Kindle Android app on my cell phone during the day.

  28. Harmon6 July, 2018

    Depends on where I am & what I want to read. And on what you mean by “reading” and “right now”.

    If you mean any reading & right this instant, right now I’m grabbing a late breakfast at McDonald’s & reading my Feedly items on my iPhone 8.

    If you mean any reading and sometime today, later today I’ll be reading a Spanish textbook & Instapaper items (some I’m saving from Feedly) on my small iPad Pro, as well as a graphic novel & perhaps a couple of emag articles..

    If you mean sustained reading of books and whenever you are reading them, this evening I’ll be using my Oasis2 for ebook reading. And I still read books on paper.

    So it breaks down to short-form/phone away from home, large tablet/longform at home, & Kindle in the evening.

    Then there are audiobooks which I “read” while I’m walking, in the car, or icing down after physical therapy – all using my iPhone.

  29. Allen F6 July, 2018

    Right now? Reading this on a 23 inch LG screen – hooked to a Raspberry Pi. 😉

    Also two older kindles and an Alienware netbook.

  30. Cazaril6 July, 2018

    This text comes to me trough the Inoreader app on my iPhone. Whereas for e-books I use tolino shine, 2013-made piece of classic. It doesn’t support mobi though, and it‘s a bit slower compared with others. Its body is cracked on one edge and piece of the other is missing, but I love it, it does the job well enough.


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