Morning Coffee – 9 July 2018

Morning Coffee - 9 July 2018 Morning Coffee

Here are a few stories to read this Monday morning.

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10 Comments on Morning Coffee – 9 July 2018

  1. An unknown hero confronted Steven Bannon in a bookstore? Don’t you mean an anonymous coward who fled after the police were called?

  2. Interesting font story. I’m sure that Dan Rather, who was also laid low by the use of the wrong font on a document, can commiserate.

  3. Why is an public insult to someone who was “simply standing, looking at books, minding his own business” in a private business the act of a “hero” Nate? Thanks for flagging yourself and warning me to take more salt while reading your blog headlines.

    • You should take my headlines with a grain of salt, absolutely – I am known to write incendiary headlines just to amuse myself. This one, for example, was supposed to be in jest. Alas, my humor came across poorly.

  4. Nate. I had hoped you were using the word “hero” ironically in this case. The practice of targeting public figures in this manner because they have views you do not agree with is both uncivilised and reprehensible.

  5. Well you’re either for confronting Nazis or you’re against it. And unfortunately if you’re against it, you’re likely only against it until they’re coming for you, which they always do, in the end — and then it’s too late for you.

  6. @Steve. I imagine your use of the word Nazi in such a casual manner must be very offensive to many of those who had to deal with the real Nazi’s. You are entitled to your opinion. As ridiculous and hysterical as it seems to be, I would still condemn anyone who saw fit to accost you because of it whilst you were out and about carrying on your usual private activities.

  7. “An unknown hero confronted Steven Bannon in a Richmond, VA bookstore.” Website started playing an ad for weddings, and when I tried to stop it (because I don’t live anywhere near Virginia), it enlarged to full screen and kept playing. I am not a fan of such rude actions, so I couldn’t read the story as I left the site ASAP to avoid further [email protected] from them… This isn’t digital reader’s fault, but I’m going to be very careful about clicking on links presented here from now on.

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