Kindle Firmware Update 5.9.7 Adds Early Returns for Library Books

Kindle Firmware Update 5.9.7 Adds Early Returns for Library Books e-Reading Hardware Kindle

The latest Kindle firmware update dropped on Monday.

According to the changelog, this update features "performance improvements and other general enhancements" as well as one new feature that library users will love.

After you update your Kindle you will be able to return borrowed library books from your Kindle by long pressing on a borrowed book and selecting return.

The update will be pushed out to all applicable Kindle models over the next few weeks; simply leave your Wifi enabled to get it. Or, you can download the update and install it yourself.


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2 Comments on Kindle Firmware Update 5.9.7 Adds Early Returns for Library Books

  1. Nate, thanks so much for letting us know when there are software updates for the Kindle. I have never waited for an update, especially when it involves a useful feature so prefer to download myself. In the past we could learn about updates from the Kindle Forum which I miss so much, and from which I always learned a lot. The ability to return library books from the Kindle is huge. I frequently finish off a book reading in bed, and there is always the chance that the next day it will slip my mind to return it first thing from the computer. I do like to get the books back as soon as possible, since there is usually someone waiting for them.

  2. I’m appreciative of this new feature, it makes it much more convenient to quickly return books. I do wish Kindle would make firmware available right away.

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