Something is Happening to the Kindle Voyage

Remember earlier this year when the basic Kindle disappeared from the Kindle listings on, only to return a few days later?

It looks like that situation has recurred.

While writing a post on Amazon's new trade-in offer this morning, I noticed that the Kindle Voyage was no longer listed in the menus or the comparison charts on the Kindle product pages. If you look right now you will see only the basic Kindle, the Paperwhite, and the Oasis.

Something is Happening to the Kindle Voyage e-Reading Hardware Kindle A certain fool has jumped to the conclusion that the Voyage has been discontinued (just like he did last time). He was wrong then, and I suspect that he is wrong now, which is why I will merely note that the Voyage is absent.

It would make sense that Amazon would  discontinue the Voyage, though. It is four years old, and it has the clunkiest design. It's not cheap like the basic Kindle, or minimalist like the Paperwhite, or premium like the Kindle Oasis. Retiring the Voyage would leave Amazon with 3 Kindle targeting three distinct types of users.

The Voyage would add nothing to that, which why it would make sense to discontinue it - if that is actually what happened.


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13 Comments on Something is Happening to the Kindle Voyage

  1. I love my Kindle Voyage! It lets me read one handed, which is a real advantage in some situations, as when a cat has draped himself over one arm. I don’t find it clunky at all.

  2. I hope I wasnt the fool.

  3. Hmph. August 2nd, 7:35AM EDST. No Voyage listed in Comparison chart. *shrugs* *goes back to eScooters and eSkateboards*

  4. I have spent time with every Kindle except the Oasis, and my Voyage is my favorite. It is hardly “clunky” (humph) – it is significantly thinner and lighter than the models below it on the price scale, and that make a big difference in a device you are holding up for literally hours on end. Also, unlike the Oasis, you don’t have to flip it over when you transfer it from one hand to another. The haptic page press is nice too. If it is totally discontinued then I am certainly buying another one as they are phased out.

    My own thoughts are that Amazon will be upgrading the kindles with bluetooth and audible software support. I’m hoping that’s what we’re seeing.

  5. The Voyage is the same Kindle ‘generation’ as the Paperwhite: 7th. I have both devices, and the Voyage is by far the better device. But for most people Paperwhite will be a better value especially given the latter has been discounted a number of times, and no doubt sales volume of the Paperwhite is much greater than Voyage.

    Most likely the Voyage has not been in production for some time now, and stock is depleted. With the Oasis in the lineup, there is little need to have a second ‘premium’ device. Instead we’ll see a replacement for the Paperwhite, with some hardware upgrades (more storage, faster CPU, Bluetooth).

  6. I guess when my Voyage someday bites the dust I’ll go to the Paperwhite. The Oasis is out of my price range.

    • Re “With the Oasis in the lineup, there is little need to have a second ‘premium’ device.”

      Not really caring about price, I never considered the Oasis after skimming the information of a few reviews.
      With 4 device tiers (Basic, Paperwhite, Voyage, Oasis) I do value the Voyage as a lower price premium (now dated and missing features), Oasis and Oasis 2 as a high price premium. When I shopped for the next device, I managed to snap up a black friday deal on a Tolino epos here in Germany in a Thalia store.
      The Hardware is rather good, the software ok for epubs, bad and rather basic for PDF, Kindle is way better. Would have liked to compare in store to Kobo or Barnes&Nobles, but these are currently not available in Germany.

      If an updated version of the Voyage or a new Kindle model (no Aluminium case, symmetrical) with a flush screen gets offered, I will check it out and seriously consider it. Paperwhite not so much.

  7. The Voyage a clunky design did I read that right? My goodness nothing could ne further from the truth. That would go to the oasis with is weird uneven shape and handle, or even the even paperwhite with its hefty weight and monstrous bezels. The voyage is by far the best kindle the Amazon ever made.

  8. “it has the clunkiest design”?? As compared to what? 🙂

  9. in Spain disappeared from the catalog at least two months ago

  10. Another fan of the Voyage here. The best Kindle ever.

  11. Funny. I always thought the Oasis was “clunky-looking” since it was essentially a square, has that weird back, and those odd buttons only on one side. None of those things would necessarily keep me from buying one, but I already have a Voyage and like it just fine.

  12. Well guess I will keep my voyage as long as it lasts then. I never did like the shape of the oasis, and my backup kindle is a paperwhite. Guess no new device for me until they rethink that.

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