Kobo Adds Overdrive Integration to Aura, Clara HD, and Aura H2O2 eReaders with Update 4.10

Kobo Adds Overdrive Integration to Aura, Clara HD, and Aura H2O2 eReaders with Update 4.10 e-Reading Hardware e-Reading Software Kobo

When Kobo launched the Aura One two years ago, they thrilled fans by integrating support for library ebooks, only to frustrate us by leaving the feature out of subsequent Kobo models like the Aura H2O2 and the Clara HD.

That changed this week with a new firmware update.

Kobo released an update for its current ereader models that give owners the ability to access their local public libraries directly to their devices. Once they add their library account to their ereader, they can search for titles, place holds, and download library ebooks from inside the Overdrive section of the Kobo store on the device.

According to my source on MobileRead, the update includes the Aura H20 Edition 2, Aura Edition 2, and the Clara HD, but only adds library support for users in specific countries: Canada, UK, US, Australia, and New Zealand.

Other Kobo owners will have to continue to to use Adobe Digital Editions to transfer library ebooks using a computer and a USB cable.

The firmware update is supposed to be downloaded automatically. That didn't work for me, so I will soon be downloading it manually from the unofficial firmware page on github.

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8 Comments on Kobo Adds Overdrive Integration to Aura, Clara HD, and Aura H2O2 eReaders with Update 4.10

  1. Good!!! Locking it to one device was such a bone headed decision. This should have happened along time ago.

  2. The firmware isn’t available until the 24th.

    Oh, and we won’t have access to the entire ebook catalogue that the library system whose card we register with, only the ones Kobo already sells itself. You have to go through the Kobo Store and choose a borrow option. Assuming the commenter over at Good e-Reader is correct, anyways.

    • My Clara was trying to install the firmware last night; this might explain why it failed.

    • If the book is in the Kobo catalogue it’s a little easier to borrow the book on the computer (or phone) first via the Overdrive/ library website then just sync the Kobo.I originally didn’t get the Clara because of the lack of Overdrive integration so now I can get it (and pass the Aura One to my partner).

  3. The update seems to have killed wifi on my Clara HD. Anybody in the same situation?

  4. Seriously thinking of getting either the Clara or Aura 2. Has the Overdrive integration worked for anyone? thanks

    • I understand integration has already been added, but I have not had a chance to check just yet.

    • We have the Aura 2. Was trying to figure it out after updating.

      I had assumed there’d be a separate area for it, but it’s in the “shop” section.

      I placed a hold on a book for myself – which was easy, but it does not show that it’s held. I checked a book I had an existing hold for, and it also didn’t reflect there was a hold placed. I confirmed via Libby that it had held the first book, and didn’t place extra on the second so that worked, but using a second app to verify shouldn’t be necessary. We did check out a book for my husband, which downloaded and was available to read immediately.

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