Boyue Likebook Mars Features an Octacore CPU

It looks like the next device from Chinese ereader maker Boyue has leaked on Youtube.

The Boyue Likebook Mars is a 7.8" very similar to last year's Likebook Plus, only with double the RAM, a color-shifting frontlight, and possibly running a newer version of Android.

The Likebook Mars has a 7.8", 300 ppi Carta E-ink screen with frontlight and capacitive touchscreen. According to the description on Youtube, it runs Likebook OS on an octa-core Rockchip CPU with 2GB RAM and 16GB storage.

Edit: Boyue told me that Likebook OS is based on Android 6.0.1.

Weighing in at 290 grams, the Likebook Mars has a 2.8Ah battery and measures a mere 9.3mm thin. It also has Wifi, BT, a microSD card slot, and a headphone jack.

All in all this is almost the same ereader as the Likebook Plus, but there are a couple subtle improvements. The description says the Likebook Mars has twice the RAM, and a color-changing frontlight similar to what you can find on Kobo's ereaders.

That second detail was confirmed by another Youtube video:

There's no word yet on when the Likebook mars will be released.

via MobileRead

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18 Comments on Boyue Likebook Mars Features an Octacore CPU

  1. Interesting device. So far it looks like Amazon is one of the few device manufacturers without a color control model. Will that change for 2018?

  2. Likebook OS? Is it a layer over Android?

  3. So, I saw this selling on Amazon by a seller named BESP, shipping from Nevada at a cost of $239.

  4. Does anyone know if this device has Play Store? The Boyue T63 didn’t – thus, my question!

  5. Did the review unit come with a case?

  6. Thanks! Not a deal-breaker, but good to know ahead of time. Apps can be sideloaded, I presume. Not having Play Store could help battery life.

  7. Strangely enough, in the video above, I see a Play Store icon!

  8. Gotcha. Perhaps the device can be rooted, but it might not be worth the bother. If I buy this device and then load what apps I want on it, I’m done and ready to go. Of course, I have an e-reader or two already, so I don’t need this one. But we all know how that goes!

  9. I asked a question of the Amazon seller, and got a reply this morning. They said that there will be w firmware update next month which will support Play Store & other Google apps. Here is the reply in full: “Our product features are still in the process of being improved. We will release a new firmware version next month, which will support the google play store and automatically update the firmware when it is available.”

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