Ten-Inch B&N Nook Tablet Clears the FCC

Barnes & Noble’s next Android tablet is going to be a rebranded budget model from a Chinese OEM called Jingwah Information Technology

Most of the details have been embargoed until next April, but we do know it has Wifi, Bluetooth, and a 6.3Ah battery.

Barnes & Noble currently carries 3 Samsung tablets and a rebranded 7″ tablet (as well as a single ereader model from Netronix), but with its Nook unit generating $111 million in revenue last year (content and hardware), it’s clearly not selling very many of them.

FCC via Liliputing

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  1. Disgusting Dude4 October, 2018

    Next April?
    Will B&N still be active next April?

  2. Mike Cane5 October, 2018

    Jingwah: http://www.jingwah.com/ You can take it from there, Nate. I just don’t GAF.

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