New Kindle to Launch Next Week?

It looks like Amazon may have begun its irregularly scheduled leaks in anticipation of a new Kindle launch.

Earlier today an announcement was made on the Weibo social network that Amazon would be holding an event in next week on the 17th in Beijing. The event will be held at the Beijing·Zhuzhong Art Museum at 1:30 pm local time (1:30 am US eastern time).

The graphic doesn’t say anything specific about the new Kindle, although to be honest I’m not sure exactly what it says (Google Translate doesn’t work well with Chinese).

I have queried Amazon on this topic, but I have not received a response. It’s hard to tell you what that means, but I can assure you I will be keeping an eye out for additional leaked details.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Javi11 October, 2018

    Event of Amazon in Beijing? This is not going to like Trump 🙂

  2. David B Huber11 October, 2018

    I’d LIKE to see a “Kindle Slate” with specs comparable to the Likebook Mars but an 8″ 4:3 aspect ratio screen like the Kobo Forma.

    Capacitive multipoint touchscreen: 8″ 1440×1920 4:3 aspect ratio 300ppi. Choice of 16 greyscale Mobius Carta E-ink with white to amber front light or 16M color LCD display at same price.

    1.5Ghz. octa-core Freescale RK3365 CPU

    2GB RAM plus 32GB storage expandable with 128GB microSD slot

    3100mAh battery

    Bluetooth 5 for keyboard & audio with TTS

    802.11ac Dual-band WiFi (2.4/5Ghz)

    8MP rear camera for OCR

    Microphone for speech transcription

    Two programmable buttons along each side bezel

    Home button on bottom and top bezels

    Inside bezel hinge stores 256-pressure stylus

    Outside bezel hinge connects two Slates in tandem so they fold like a book; user’s choice of dual E-Ink, dual LCD or one of each. Software optimizes UI for each experience.

    Optional Bluetooth keyboard clipcase / stand

    Optional folio case with integrated solar charger

    (Either case has front flap which can be detached in dual-Slate configuration where second Slate closes over)

  3. Steve H.11 October, 2018

    Hopefully they are revamping more than the Paperwhite.
    I anticipate color temperature control and maybe page turn buttons in the Paperwhite or maybe even a Voyage replacement.
    Hopefully they go big on a new Kindle.

  4. Sarah11 October, 2018

    Have you been able to find any links to the actual social media posts? I’ve checked Amazon’s official Weibo account pages and I can’t find that image or announcement anywhere… I’m hoping for a new Kindle model soon too, but I’m a bit skeptical.

    1. Sarah11 October, 2018

      Thanks for the info. Hopefully you’re right!

  5. Mike Cane11 October, 2018

    Man, learn about

    OCRed and sent to Google Translate, the text reads:

    In the fragmentation of the electricity
    Do you still remember the amount of the knife?
    10Use 17?, come here
    Find the beginning
    Feel the knives of reading!
    2018.10.17 13:30
    Beijing ‘Zhu Shen Art ?

    Yeah, baby! A reading knife! Introducing the Kindle SHIV!

    1. Erin11 October, 2018

      LOL A Reading Shiv. Funniest thing I’ll probably read today.

  6. Name11 October, 2018

    In other news: Tolino Shine 3 is out for 119 EUR. Basically a rebranded Kobo Clara HD, so better spec’d than a Kindle Paperwhite, which has that same regular price here, although often offered cheaper.

  7. DaveMich11 October, 2018

    My money is on a voyage-like device that has audible support via bluetooth. Audible is the new hotness, and building bluetooth-only audio support into a Kindle isn’t that disruptive. They apparently have the software side of that done so now they’re catching up on the hardware side.

  8. Apparition11 October, 2018

    I just bought another brand new Kindle Voyage last week, so this will obviously be a Voyage upgrade/replacement.

    1. Nate Hoffelder11 October, 2018

      LOL, it usually works that way, yes

  9. Graham Wheeler12 October, 2018

    Another translation:

    n the case of a fragmented mouth,
    Does Gaya still remember the forward knife?
    1?Use 1 7 ?, come here
    Find the beginning
    Feel the power of reading!
    2018.10.17 13:30
    Beijing ? Zhushen Art Museum

  10. Laura12 October, 2018

    Here’s the translation I got:

    Kindle Amazon amazon is in the smashing shackles. Do you still remember the power of the forward? On October 17th, come here to find the power of reading the heart! 2018.10.17 13:30 Beijing·Zhuzhong Art Museum

  11. vrf13 October, 2018

    smashing shackles = unleashed?
    Sounds… powerful.


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