Onyx Youngy Boox Sports a 10.7″ Color E-ink Screen

With tablets being cheaper and offering better color and decent battery life, color-E-ink is a dead duck.

But don’t tell Onyx that; they just showed off a new educational ereader at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Johannes Haupt got up close and personal with the Onyx Youngy Boox, an ereader equipped with a 10.7″ color Carta E-ink screen.

Sporting a resolution of around 150 ppi, this device has a camera of unknown resolution, a stylus, and what looks like an electromagnetic touchscreen (I don’t think we see them using their fingers). It runs academic software and is only available in China.

That is a shame, because this would be a great device to see.

FYI: The reason this device has a screen resolution of 150ppi has to do with how it gets its color. This is actually a 300 ppi grayscale Carta E-ink screen with an RGBC filter applied on top. The filter  adds red, green, or blue on top of a pixel on the E-ink screen (the C is for “clear”). The filter requires 4 pixels on the grayscale screen underneath to give you a single pixel on top This reduces the resolution to 150 ppi.


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  1. Javi16 October, 2018

    You see? This is what I want … but with more resolution. The camera is interesting to scan documents.
    Do you know what Eink is doing with its ACeP technology?

  2. Zack16 October, 2018

    It just blows mind as to why not use an e-paper display instead of e-ink for a colorful screen reader.
    E-paper being the low-power transflective LCD screen which is excellent for reading, use little power, becomes perfect under direct sunlight, and can play a video and whatever else you can throw at it.

    Sure, the colors are washed out or milky with a front lit screen, but so are all e-readers.

  3. Will Entrekin16 October, 2018

    You know, if they axed the color and made this an Office-ready laptop instead, it would have been like printing money. Say what you will about the Freewrite mentioned the other week, but there’s a clear demand for a thin, light, internet-connected laptop that enables writing and very little else in the way of functionality.

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