Morning Coffee – 14 November 2018

Here are a few stories to read this Wednesday morning.

Nate Hoffelder

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Nate Hoffelder is the founder and editor of The Digital Reader. He has been blogging about indie authors since 2010 while learning new tech skills weekly. He fixes author sites, and shares what he learns on The Digital Reader's blog. In his spare time, he fosters dogs for A Forever Home, a local rescue group.


  1. Xaver Basora14 November, 2018

    O dear where to begin? Publishing companies don’t sell books, there in the distribution of transformed lumber products. I bet that the big 5 are major owners of paper and forestry companies


  2. Richard Hershberger14 November, 2018

    The greatest misprint of all time is still the Wicked Bible of 1631:

    1. Nate Hoffelder14 November, 2018

      That is epic!

  3. Richard Hershberger14 November, 2018

    The linked article on the price of paper is very specifically about coated paper used in glossy magazines, not the uncoated paper used in most books. This in turn is, as the article explains, happening because many paper mills have stopped producing coated paper due to drop in demand. They overshot, resulting in a shortage.

    1. Nate Hoffelder14 November, 2018

      Yes, I really should have also linked to the tweet chain that sparked my commentary:

      1. Richard Hershberger14 November, 2018

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