Kindle for PC Updated With New Study Features, Collection Management

Amazon is rolling out updates for its desktop reading app this week. Both the Windows and macOS versions of the app have been updated, although not with the same features; only the macOS  app is getting the new study features, while both versions of the app are getting the collection management tools.

Or so I’ve heard on MobileRead; Amazon isn’t offering the new version for download yet, and I have been unable to update the Kindle4PC app on my Windows laptop.

I do have the changelogs, though.


  1. Collections management: Search collections by name and sort collections by name or last update.
  2. Bug fixes and performance improvements.


  1. Support for 64-bit.
  2. Study features: Updated Notebook panel that allows you to view your notes, highlights, and bookmarks side-by-side with your book. You can also export your notes and automatically create flashcards from your Notebook content.
  3. Collections management: Search collections by name and sort collections by name or last update.
  4. Bug fixes and performance improvements.


Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Carmen Webster Buxton19 November, 2018

    Better than nothing, but when will they add X-Ray to Kindle for PC?

  2. Mike Hall19 November, 2018

    It appeared on my PC a few days ago, probably on the 14th as that’s the last modified date for the shortcut.

    It’s nice to finally have alpha order for collections (which I’ve asked for every time I’ve given feedback on the program) as the previous ordering was positively user hostile. However, it would be much nicer if they had added cloud collections as the import function doesn’t work at all well. The silly thing is that when I visit Amazon on the PC browser it is happy to tell me the device content for the PC app but the collections it lists for each book are not those on the PC.

  3. jhowell19 November, 2018

    The new study features were included in the previous version of Kindle for PC (1.24). For some reason Kindle for Mac skipped version 1.24 so those features are new with version 1.25 on the Mac.

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