Barnes & Noble Releases New 7″ Nook Tablet After Black Friday

Barnes & Noble has defied conventional wisdom, and is launching its new Android tablet two weeks into the holiday season rather than weeks before. They’ve just announced a new 7″ Nook tablet, which is available now for $49 in B&N stores (it’s buried in the back of the store) and online.

B&N doesn’t tell us much about it, but from what we know it is a fairly ordinary 7″ tablet with unimpressive cameras (VGA, 2MP), 16 GB internal storage, a 1024 x 600 resolutions screen, Wifi and Bluetooth, and 7 hours of battery life.

There’s no word yet on CPU or RAM, but I am confident that gadget geeks will ferret out those details soon. I doubt it will matter, though; I am sure there are many other tablets in the same price range with similar capabilities.

The specs will be unimpressive because Barnes & Noble doesn’t care how many of these they will sell; we can tell that from the launch date. This tablet is launching in the middle of a shopping season when many competing tablets are on sale, and after a lot of people have already bought a cheap tablet.

I mean, Amazon had the 7″ Kindle Fire for $30, and if that didn’t clear out the market I don’t know what will.

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Michael Anderson3 December, 2018

    The great thing about Barnes & Noble’s ebook business over the last several years is their consistency … every time they make a decision / announcement / move, I am always left asking ‘WTF?’


  2. Suz3 December, 2018

    What makes this one different from their other 7 inch tablet that launched with malware – was it just last year?

    1. Thomas3 December, 2018

      This one has more memory to put malware on. I think the last one only had 8GB.

  3. Paul3 December, 2018

    What keeps annoying me is that there must be some bug in their Nook app on the iPad which keeps causing it to lose the place you reached and re-setting the counter to zero. It never used to work like that but it keeps happening now.

  4. RL3 December, 2018

    Even though Amazon had their 10 and 7 inch tablets on special, B&N should’ve sold both tablets during Black Friday. Some buyers would’ve bought the B&N versions since they have a current OS, more functionality, and no offers.

    In my opinion, not the best decision.

  5. DaveMich3 December, 2018

    Are you considering reviewing it?

  6. Chuck Dee4 December, 2018

    The fact that you don’t have to sideload to get apps from the play store makes it an attractive alternative.

  7. […] launched this particular tablet in December 2018, so it was getting a little long in the tooth, but that segment of the market hadn't changed much […]

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