Google Site Kit Will Make It Easier to Integrate Google’s Services Into WordPress Sites

Between its SEO, traffic analysis, and performance optimization tools (Search Console, Analytics, and PageSpeed Insights, respectively), Google supplies a number of key tools used by just about everyone who has a website.

Unfortunately, it can be hard for the non-tech-savvy to use these tools with their site. This is good for me but not so good for the average user, but now Google is trying to solve this issue.

I just heard in one of the Facebook groups where tech gather than Google is testing a new WordPress plugin that is designed to integrate Google’s services into self-hosted WordPress sites.

It’s called Site Kit.

The plugin will open to beta testers in early 2019, so we really don’t know anything about how well it works.

But I can tell you it is supposed to do is integrate four Google services into WordPress, making it easy for users quickly access info about their sites. Users will be able to look into Google Search Console and find out which keywords are drawing the most users to the site, check Google Adsense to see how much they are earning from adverts, examine their popular posts and traffic sources in Google Analytics, and see what Google PageSpeed Insights thinks about the speed of their sites.

These four different services can currently be found on four different websites, but after Google works the bugs out of Site Kit, WordPress users will have all this info at their fingertips.

If that sounds nifty, head over to the Site Kit to sign up for the beta. I did. I don’t know that I will be installing this plugin on any of my clients’ sites, but I am curious to see what this looks like.

TBH I have pretty low expectations; Google has recently redesigned the Search Console and PageSpeed Insights websites to make them both more confusing and less useful (no, you didn’t read that wrong) and I fully expect that Google’s new plugin to be very bewildering for the average user.

And that is unfortunate because it would actually be pretty useful if Google would automate the steps required to integrate their services into WordPress. Yes, this integration would cost me a little business, but if it worked well then I can save time by using it on client sites.

Nate Hoffelder

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