Kindle (2019) Has a Frontlight, Costs $89, and is a Terrible Value

Kindle (2019) Has a Frontlight, Costs $89, and is a Terrible Value e-Reading Hardware Kindle Amazon launched their newest Kindle today, and it looks like this is going to be their biggest mistake since the Kindle Voyage.

The new Kindle gains a frontlight (at long last) but that is just about the only improvement. It’s still stuck with the same 167 ppi screen, still has 4GB storage, and it's still the only Kindle model that isn’t waterproof.

And oh yeah, it costs $89, ten dollars more than the model it replaces.

At this price folks the Kindle costs only $10 less than the sale price for the Kindle Paperwhite. (In fact, the Paperwhite, which is waterproof and has a 300 ppi screen even hit $89 at one point in January.)

There is little to recommend the new Kindle over the Paperwhite,  but if you want one it is up for pre-order now. It's scheduled to ship on 10 April (assuming Amazon doesn't come to their senses and cancel it).


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  1. tired20 March, 2019

    Most people only care about the light and not the resolution. Many people also disliked the glossy screen on the new Paperwhite, and they dislike the low contrast.

    A basic with a frontlight if priced at $80 or less would completely cannibalize the lackluster sales of the new Paperwhite.

    It has to be priced only slightly less than the Paperwhite or they will kill the Paperwhite lineup.

    If you look back at those negative reviews for the Paperwhite 4 I think you will see that there is a definitely a market for this device even at a $90 price point.

    And if you really like resolution matters– then why does an 800×600 ereader still sell well in 2019? The basic has never been discontinued.

    The periodic sales that you mention are irrelevant because the new basic will probably regularly go on sale for $50-60 as well. It is not a fair comparison because if you can wait for a sell to buy a Kindle you can wait to get the absolute cheapest price on the basic.


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