FictFact is Shutting Down

FictFact is Shutting Down Amazon

A reader has tipped me to the news that the FictFact service has shut down. (Thanks, Eric!) The company sent the following notice to users:

We recently lost our primary source of income, Amazon Associate sales. Due to a minor error on our part, we unknowingly had in infraction of their terms. We tried to appeal after we corrected the issue, but was not successful and they terminated our account. Over the years, we have had donations from our wonderful supporters, but it is not enough to cover our operating costs. We are extremely sad to have to close down the site after almost 10 years. Thank you for all your support over the years!!

Please login to download your book data as a CSV file before July 1, 2019.

I will confess that I have never heard of the site, but apparently it helped readers keep track of the release of new books in a series or by a specific author.

That sounds like something you can do with Amazon or Goodreads, doesn't it?

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  1. jdefgts21 May, 2019

    This site will be missed. I have relied on FictTact for years. Since learning of the closing I have searched unsuccessfully for a site that can duplicate its functions. This looks like an opportunity for Amazon to easily set up a similar service. If they do not, Google could jump in and beat Amazon to the punch. I consistently used FictFact to place my book orders through Amazon. Some other bookseller will get my business if they duplicate this functionality.

  2. Gill Hart22 May, 2019

    I too will miss them VERY much as they were really useful for keeping track of all the authors and series I follow

  3. Eric22 May, 2019 offers something fairly close to FictFact. Not quite the same, and not nearly as easy to navigate, but passable.

    Search for a book in the series you’re curious about. Scroll down and look at the bottom right side of the page. There is a section “Other Books in the Series”. Click that link and it takes you to a page listing the books of the series, in order.

  4. Melissa23 May, 2019

    What I’m going to miss is the calendar function. I could click on a date and see exactly what was coming out then. I used it extensively to plot when I’d be able to purchase books or start haunting BookBub for sale prices. I haven’t found another site that can duplicate this. 🙁

  5. Jen23 May, 2019

    Interesting that a site that does something similar to “Amazon or GoodReads (which Amazon owns)” has been shut down by Amazon. The Internet is becoming a monopoly…

  6. Cathy Koch24 May, 2019

    NOOOOO! How will I keep track of which book to read next in a series? Who will tell me another book is coming out? I’ve depended on for years. Very sad.

  7. Ana24 May, 2019

    The problem is getting to know of new releases, not every author updates Amazon or Goodreads, and they don’t always alert you of new books. In the past sometimes did it, but after being down for a lot of time, although they are up and running d again, they’re database is not very complete. What’s mostly working for me is, but I also get alerted when old books get new editions, so there’s a lot of false positives.


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