New Kindle Oasis Has a Color-Changing Frontlight (Yawn)

Last month’s FCC filing kept us all looking for a new Fire tablet, when we should have been keeping an eye out for a new Kindle. On Wednesday Amazon announced they were updating the two-year-old Kindle Oasis, giving it a feature that their competitors’ ereaders had had for years.

The new Kindle Oasis will have a color-changing frontlight with it ships on 24 July.


Aside from the new frontlight, it’s really the same device as before. It has a 7″ E-ink screen with a resolution of 300 ppi. It can connect wirelessly to your Amazon over Wifi, and can connect to a BT speaker for audiobooks.

The price is still at $249 for the 8GB model and $279 for the 32GB  model, and your color choices are gray, silver, and piss gold.

Sorry, I’m just having trouble summoning enthusiasm for such a minor change. I was kinda hoping that the rumors that Good eReader was making up about a new Kindle Voyage were actually true this time. I don’t like the hardware, no, but a new Kindle Voyage would have been interesting, and who knows, they may have changed the hardware to fix the parts I don’t like.

Alas, we’re probably not seeing a new Kindle model this year. We have a new basic Kindle, and now a new Oasis, so the odds are very good that we won’t see a new Kindle until 2020.

P.S. The previous Oasis model has been reduced to $199. If I were in the market for a new Kindle, that’s what I would get.


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  1. Steve H.19 June, 2019

    I usually get the latest and greatest Kindle but this just leaves me cold. So many things need to be upgraded with this lineup. A larger size option. A less temperature conducting body. Not so slippery….Wow a lazy design department!
    Although I would spring 50 dollars more for light control, I can’t see another 300(once I get the ads removed) for a 2 year old device.
    Underwhelmed by the industry ?leader?

  2. Syn19 June, 2019

    Amazon doesn’t have much competition now. It was nice when b&n and Kobo kept them on their toes in the early days of readers. It feels like Amazon have gotten lazy. I miss the premium feel of the old, higher end fire tablets. Still hoping one day to have a color, e-ink, 8″ e-reader. I’m not holding my breath. I stopped doing that about 5 years out of the 12 years I’d been waiting. Maybe it will happen in the next 12.

  3. Will Entrekin19 June, 2019

    “You can please all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you can never please all the people all the time. Or tech bloggers.” – Abraham Lincoln via Lydgate

    That said, $200 for the previous generation Oasis is a terrific deal. The Oasis is truly excellent. I’ve never felt the need for changing the temperature of the light, but then my glasses have a blue-light blocker element built into their lenses.

    1. Robert N.19 June, 2019

      For me the warmer light is more about aesthetics than concern over blue light. I have a Kindle Voyage and I think it looks like garbage when its light is low for reading in a dark room. At low levels it is very blue/gray and I don’t care for it at all. I also have a Kobo Aura One and its comfort light at low levels yields a much warmer, book-like result.

      I’m considering this Oasis update. Amazon will give me $50 for my Voyage trade-in plus 25% off the new Oasis, which will bring it down to about $138. That’s very tempting. I just wish the screen was a bit larger.

  4. Frank19 June, 2019

    The color changing light is a nice feature. The competition already has it, but it is nice to see it on a Kindle.

  5. Javi20 June, 2019

    kindle oasis is very good but battery is noticeably worse thar Paperwhite.
    I would like to see a big screen kindle (+10″). It’s a pity that amazon does not decide to put a new Kindle DX in the market.

  6. Scott20 June, 2019

    There is one other difference. It has 25 LED lights instead of 12.

    1. Nate Hoffelder20 June, 2019

      That’s not quite as big of a deal as you’d think; they’re counting each of the 3-color LEDs as 3 LEDs.

      1. Steve H.21 June, 2019

        Really? That’s something new…just another way to inflate numbers.
        Still, I expect it will have a very even display.
        When will they ever go larger?

      2. Scott21 June, 2019

        Yeah, this really doesn’t move the needle enough for me to replace my 9th GEN Oasis. I really don’t care about the colors, the existing screen is fine for me

  7. William21 June, 2019

    In the display section it does say it’s using “next generation e-paper” for whatever that’s worth.

    1. Steve H.21 June, 2019

      Probably next gen in 2017

  8. Eric22 June, 2019

    They will no doubt update the exact same Kindle paperwhite in 2 years with comfort light and in 3 years we’ll see a new premium Kindle with a different design unless of course they just keep the same Oasis design and go 8 inches. It wouldn’t surprise me. The Kindle team is the laziest on the planet. Amazon isn’t innovative anymore.

    1. Nate Hoffelder24 June, 2019

      I expect the Paperwhite to get it next year. It’s been on a two-year release cycle.

  9. Tammy23 June, 2019

    I am not seeing an option for free cellular connectivity. Is Amazon doing away with that option, or am I just missing it?

    1. Nate Hoffelder24 June, 2019

      There’s still a 3G model, yes

  10. Tammy24 June, 2019


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