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Nate Hoffelder is the founder and editor of The Digital Reader. He has been blogging about indie authors since 2010 while learning new tech skills weekly. He fixes author sites, and shares what he learns on The Digital Reader's blog. In his spare time, he fosters dogs for A Forever Home, a local rescue group.


  1. Ed Bear7 August, 2019

    I’m getting a phishing warning from Malwarebytes when I click on the link to the Overdrive article.

    1. Nate Hoffelder7 August, 2019

      works fine for me – false positive?

    2. Chuck Dee7 August, 2019

      You might need to update your Malwarebytes. I run it also and don’t get a warning.

  2. EJC7 August, 2019

    The University where I work has also blocked the Overdrive article due to Malware. This is not a Malwarebytes issue. The University receives whitelists and blacklists. Getting anything put on or taken off is very difficult. I suspect that the problem may be related to spyware or adware, but usually the University blocks anything that logs keystrokes or downloads automatically.

  3. Kate7 August, 2019

    I get a ‘page can’t be found’.


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