Fujitsu Rebrands Netronix eReaders as the Quaderno A5 and A4

Fujitsu has joined the ranks of companies that have licensed hardware from the Taiwan-based OEM, Netronix.

Late last year Fujitsu  launched a pair of writing slates in Japan called the Quaderno A5 and A4. These devices sport 10.3″ and 13.3″ screens, run Android, and are only available in Japan.

Aside from the software, they are virtually identical to the Sony Digital paper.

The Quaderno A4 features a 10.3″ E-ink Carta screen with a resolution of 1872 x 1404 (223 PPI), while the Quaderno A5 has a 13.3″ screen with a resolution of 2200 x 1650 (207 PPI).  Neither device has a frontlight, but they do have have both a stylus and a capacitive touchscreen.

Both devices are powered by a Marvell IAP140 quad-core chip with 1GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. They also have Wifi and Bluetooth. Battery life is promised at 3 weeks, so long as you are only “browsing a PDF document for 60 minutes / 30 pages a day with the Wife and Bluetooth turned off, and writing with a pen for a total of 1 minute during browsing”.

It is unclear how long the stylus lasts between charges, but according to one retailer it does have its own battery which cannot be charged from the device.

Like Sony’s devices, the Quaderno run Android and only support PDFs. The software is slightly different, though, and includes better integration for transferring files off of PCs and for sending docs to be printed on Fujitsu printers.

And yes, these devices do bear a striking resemblance to the Sony Digital Paper, which is why I beleive that they were also sourced from Netronix. That OEM filed the FCC paperwork for the Sony CP1, and almost certainly built all 4 models.

Netronix also makes ereaders for Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and other companies.

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Xavier Basora2 January, 2020


    Could you elaborate bu PDF only.
    Do you mean the tabletdaves only in PDF?

    If that’s the case whatvtechical difficulties are there to save in .txt and it?


  2. Vicente3 January, 2020

    They have Android too, but, which version? Same as Sony’s devices?

    1. Nate Hoffelder3 January, 2020


  3. Fu30 March, 2020

    1G RAM in 2020? Who will buy it? And no frontlight!

  4. Joe14 November, 2020

    Umm, A4 is larger than A5, but you said the A4 is 10.3″ and A5 is 13.3″. That doesn’t make sense.

    1. Nate Hoffelder14 November, 2020

      Ack – do I have the sizes backward?


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