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Infographic: 16 Boring Verbs & What to Use Instead

I would not actually call these verbs boring, but if you checked your latest work and found you used one a lot, you might want to consider the alternatives.



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Richard Hershberger 12 February, 2020 um 9:36 am

I see boundless potential for hilariously terrible results from writers who don’t know what these words mean, and take this infographic as saying they are actual synonyms.

Nate Hoffelder 12 February, 2020 um 12:35 pm

hehe – that will be fun, yes!

Gordon Horne 13 February, 2020 um 10:35 am

I saw the title and thought maybe my ESL students could use it. I saw the list and thought maybe not.

Student to homestay parent, "Hand over ten dollars."

Allen F 14 February, 2020 um 12:21 am

Know the rules. Become one with the rules.

For only by knowing the why of each rule can you bend or break it to deliver a good story. 😉

Stan SCHWARTZ 16 February, 2020 um 12:42 pm

Foment. … Foment. … There must be something. Foment. … I’m so tired of that word. Foment?

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