Barnes & Noble Closes 400 Stores

Barnes & Noble has joined the many retailers and other businesses which have stopped letting the public in, instead opting to offer curbside service. (My vet adopted this practice a couple weeks ago.)

Out of concern for public safety, B&N has temporarily closed around 400 stores to the public. It continues to sell product online, and now an unknown number locations offer curbside pick up.

B&N has not disclosed how many or which locations are closed to the public, and the information is not listed on their website, either. Your best bet for finding out whether your local B&N offers curbside pickup is to place an order, select in-store pick up, and see what happens.

Earlier this month Barnes & Noble canceled all in-store author events through the end of next month. Like many businesses, schools, and freelancers, it is working to bring its events and services online.

Going by the website, no B&N stores near me are holding online events yet, although I cannot guarantee that detail.

image by Angel Xavier Viera via Flickr

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