Basic Kindle Now Shipping with 8GB of Storage

If you are buying a new basic Kindle in the next few weeks you might be getting a surprise upgrade.

A bunch of Kindle owners over on Reddit have reported that the Kindle they just got had over twice the expected storage. The devices are showing that they have 8GB of storage, and not the 4GB listed on the product page on

No one knows why this happened, although it has been pointed out that the Kids Kindle ships with 8GB of storage, which could mean that Amazon is substituting one model for the other when one ran out.

On the other hand this could be Amazon deciding to upgrade the storage, only they forgot to edit the product listing. (It’s not the first time there was a goof on the website.)

Your guess is as good as mine. In any case, if you got a Kindle with the surprise extra storage, enjoy your good fortune!

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Greg21 June, 2020

    My guess would be that the 8GB flash chips are now cheaper than the 4GB. We’re finding that’s the case on a number of boards we’re building.

    1. Disgusting Dude21 June, 2020

      Also, one motherboard SKU is simpler to manage on the assembly line than two.
      And simpler = cheaper.

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