Kobo Nia is a Tolino Page 2 Clone

It turns out Kobo’s new ereader is not as new as I had hoped.

I was just reading over on MobileRead that Staples Canada has put the Kobo Nia’s product page online two days early. The new ereader is reportedly going to sell for $129 in Canada (which is really weird given that the Kindle Paperwhite has much better specs and costs $119 CDN).

Meet the Kobo Nia, aka the Tolino Page 2:

I hadn’t mentioned this before, but it had previously been speculated on MobileRead that the Kobo Nia would be a Tolino Page 2 clone. I didn’t take that speculation seriously (I was hoping for something cool) but I will give credit where it is due.

As you can see if you compare the photo gallery at the end of this post with the Tolino Page 2 gallery, the two devices really do have the same hardware. This move makes a certain amount of sense given that Kobo is the hardware partner for Tolino.

The Tolino Page 2 (Kobo Nia) has a 6″ Carta E-ink screen with a capacitive touchscreen and a frontlight. It runs on a 1GHz single-core CPU with 512MB RAM and 8GB internal storage. It has Wifi but not BT, measures 9.1mm thin, and weighs 179 grams.

The Kobo Nia is a replacement for Kobo’s current entry-level ereader, the Aura 2. I do not know when it will be available, but I am expecting it to be announced on Tuesday of this week.

What do you think?

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  1. Void22 June, 2020

    I was hoping for an update to the Forma.

  2. Susan22 June, 2020

    I know it is a six inch screen but is it smaller than the Clara or larger in regards to bezel and height?

    1. rcentros24 June, 2020

      Slightly larger and and slightly heavier than the Clara.

      Clara – 110.2 x 156.4 x 8.35 mm – 166 g
      Nia – 112.5 x 159.8 x 9.1 mm – 179 g

      1. Susan25 June, 2020

        Thank you! I really wish Kobo would bring back the Mini.

  3. James Seger24 June, 2020

    With their front lights, Carta screens and 8GB drives, entry level readers like the Nia or the basic Kindle are becoming good enough for most readers. I wonder if there will be a point where the basic models eat into the sales of the Claras and Paperwhites?

  4. Susan25 June, 2020

    I have the basic Kindle in white and really like it. Just wish it had the adjustable warm light and inverted mode.

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