E-ink is Developing a Second-Gen ACeP Color ePaper (video)

A little over 4 years ago E-ink launched a 7-color epaper screen for the signage market. The 20″ and larger screens have not seen widespread use (although the tech has started to show up in the DIY market) but that hasn’t stopped E-ink from continuing to develop the technology.

Digitimes reports that E-ink plans to roll out its next-gen Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP) screen tech next year, according to company chairman Johnson Lee.

Few details are available about the tech under development, but I can give you a look at the current gen ACeP screens. As you can see, it takes over ten seconds to refresh the screen, although the final result is worth it.

One thing I didn’t know until I saw this was that it appears to be capable of displaying not just 7 colors bout also combinations of the 7 colors.

Or are my eyes fooling me?

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Disgusting Dude4 September, 2020

    It’s probably the software driving it.

  2. Xavier Basora5 September, 2020


    Cool. Eventually this technology will go downstream to readers.it’s only a matter of time.
    I also can wait for an electronic notepad/notebook in colour. Thst would be great for teaching


  3. Ros Jackson7 September, 2020

    If the page isn’t using all the colours, does it still take 10 seconds to refresh the screen? I’d have the patience for a select few images in a book, but perhaps it wouldn’t work as well if the same happened for every single page no matter how few colours it used.

  4. Javi9 September, 2020

    Will the next generation works in ereaders? that’s the question

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