The Book Designer Blog Has Been Sold

The Book Designer is a blog which most authors should know. Founded by Joel Friedlander, this blog has been around for over ten years now, and in that time it has dispensed sage advice from dozens of experts (including myself).

For the past couple years I have been an occasional contributor to The Book Designer, which is how I found out that The Book Designer was sold just before Christmas. This has not yet been publicly announced (and I don’t know why not) but I just learned that Chandler Bolt bought it.

I can’t really say I know Chandler, but I have interacted with his staff at Self-Publishing School. A few times now, we have talked about a guest post, but so far nothing has jelled. I am not terribly familiar with that site (it’s way out of my price range) but I did find a couple reviews.

Update: Victoria Strauss of Writer Beware tweeted this when I told her the news. She also directed me to BBB complaints about Bolt’s school.

If you’ve worked with Chandler Bolt, or used his Self-Publishing School, I would love to hear about your experiences.

No plans have been announced for  the future of The Book Designer, but I do know that publication of new blog posts has been suspended for the time being (I had a guest post scheduled for 4 January).

Edit: I have been asked to clarify the sale:

FYI – just to clarify, Book Design Templates and Author Toolkits were not a part of the sale to Chandler Bolt of the Self-Publishing School and both remain under the ownership and control of Joel Friedlander and Tracy Atkins.


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  1. Lindsay12 January, 2021

    Hm, hopefully it doesn’t turn into a link farm back to the new owner’s site (which I’d never heard of… and my mind boggles at a $7,000 course building course for authors. Joanna Penn has a course building course for $99). Good luck to Joel on future endeavors!

  2. Jeffrey Johnson20 May, 2021

    I paid $2000 for his worthless course that says allow refund yet when ask for one state they not allow one. Makes him a conman and thief in my book. I only bought it as stated offered refunds.

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