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Could Any of These 3 iPhone Concepts Come True? (videos)

No oneiphone 6 concept knows for sure what the next iPhone will look like but that hasn’t stopped the speculation. In fact, the unknown has only fed the rumor mill, with many speculating new details simply because it’s a slow news day (like today, for example).

Update: I was wrong. iPhone 6 shells have already turned up in the hands of a reliable source.

Here are 3 iPhone concept designs which I find fascinating. It is unlikely that the next iPhone will have any of the details shown in these videos, but I like the ideas like holographic displays, edge displays, or the way the final one unfolds and projects a virtual keyboard and virtual screen.

This first video shows an iPhone which is thinner, lighter, and larger than the current model, but is otherwise fairly unremarkable.

That’s not a terribly ambitious design, but this next one is. This concept design has screens on the edges of the model, and it also includes other subtle improvements like a battery indicator surrounding the lightning plug.

This final design is one that we probably won’t see in a million years, which is unfortunate. Do you know how some people have made their phone their main computer?

This concept design tries to make that a reality. It has integrated projectors which can show a user a virtual keyboard and project an OSX desktop on a nearby wall.

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Howard Cornett March 11, 2014 um 12:33 pm

You are right—you will never see the last video as a reality from Apple. But you might get it from someone else. For instance, Ubuntu Edge is actually working on making this a reality. See It did not meet its funding goal at Indiegogo, but it is a concept that is in development for real.

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