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First Phone with Transparent Screen Launched in Indonesia

Do you recall that smartphone with a dual sided transparent screen I showed you a couple months back? I just found an Indonesian telecom whose new phone uses that screen.

The prototype I posted back in May was being demoed by NTT Docomo, the Japanese telecom, and it used a 2.4″ transparent OLED screen that was developed by Neoview Kolon. This same screen is now going to be used in the Nexian Glaze M-9090, a sub-$100 Java-based phone.

I cannot find many details yet on this phone, but it appears to have a 1.3MP camera as well as support for dual SIM cards. Nexian is promising that it will ship with the Nexian Messenger app and the S Apps Planet services. And yes, it does cost less than $100; the retail is only 899,000 Rupiahs ($95).

Okay, that’s cool, but the video of the prototype was more interesting to look at.

I cannot help but wonder when we might see this screen tech in a larger size. Sure, there are certain limitation on the design (no electronics behind the screen), but as you make larger and larger screens that becomes less important. A 7″ ereader, for example, could have all the guts in the spine/handle without seriously impacting the functionality.


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Piseth February 28, 2014 um 2:08 am

I want to buy this phone so which store that i can contact?

yuniis March 7, 2014 um 9:44 pm

STUPID….this news 7july2012…this fake…and some transparent phone this month only 2 branch released but not sell well in market

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