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New Leak Reveals a Square iWatch Design Which Won’t Go Into Production Until January

Bz2ajzj[1]With Apple’s next press event less than 24 hours away, a new leak  may just have offered the first proof that the mounting rumors are true: there is an iWatch in the works.

A couple hours ago an anonymous redditor posted a set of slides which may show parts from the iWatch.

Marked with a Quanta logo, the slides  show what appear to be CAD images of components for a smartwatch. The images, which are now hosted on imgur, reveal a square iWatch design with a circular plate on the underside where the watch would be in contact with skin. There are also mages which may or may not show components of the iWatch, including a cable sub-asembly, buttons, a speaker, and that circular plate.

Assuming this is real and not some clever forgery, the source says that the iWatch will have battery life in excess of a day. It won’t be going in to mass production until January of next year, and it will be available in 4 colors and two sizes.

While I’m not saying it’s true or not, this does tie in closely with the latest rumor which suggested that the iWatch will make an appearance tomorrow but won’t ship until next some time next spring. This would also explain the spate of rumors over the past week which revealed details about the iWathc’s function and features, as well as a Reuters report that Apple had invited the fashion press to its event tomorrow.

If these images are real then it just goes to show that my rule of waiting for real leaked info still rates as the best rule of thumb for judging what passes gadget news these days.  (I may have taken my victory lap a little early when I last covered the iWatch rumors a couple weeks ago, but on the larger scale I was still not wrong.)

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