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8 million Kindles sold this year?

That’s what Bloomberg are reporting: Inc. is likely to sell more than 8 million Kindle electronic-book readers this year, at least 60 percent more than analysts have predicted, according to two people who are aware of the company’s sales projections.

I’m not sure if I believe it. Amazon are very close mouthed about their sales. It’s highly unlikely that anyone at Amazon would talk, much less give a figure. On the other hand, this is a reputable news organization.

Actuall, what makes you think that someone at Amazon talked? It could just as likely have been a business partner or some other ereader manufacturer. This industry isn’t that big. Even if they don’t know exactly what Amazon are doing, quite a few people get to see (for example) the screen shipment reports from E-ink. It would be pretty easy to estimate Kindle sales.

via Bloomberg

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